December 2019

Thank You McCall Family For All Of Your Support!

Dear McCall Family,

It’s hard to believe that we are a few weeks away from a new year. Looking back, we want to say a BIG ‘Thank You” to the McCall Community for your continued support and generosity at school-based events. We hope that you’ll continue to support the McCall community at our upcoming 2020 Spring fundraising events- Scholastic Book Sale, Art to Remember, Movie Night, Spring Carnival, Election Day Bake Sales, and the McCall Relays! Last year HSA raised total gross revenue of $155,405.00! The HSA anticipates that we will raise funds for the 2019-2020 school year that will respond to the requests from students, teachers, families, and staff for the tools and resources to help all McCall students to achieve success this year and in the future.

On November 25th, we had our first Home & School Association General Meeting at Starr Garden. Thank you to the staff at Starr Garden for inviting us to use their space afer hours and to the parents who came out on a Monday night to meet the new Executive Board. To the parents who weren’t able to make it out on a school night, we invite you to watch clips of the meeting on the Friends of McCall Facebook Page.

At the meeting, we reviewed funds raised during the previous 2018-2019 school year and how they have funded activities and needs this school year. Your continued support and donations to the HSA funded various academic and community needs such as:

  • We were able to donate 4 turkeys and gift cards to those in the McCall community that are in need this Holiday season.
  • McCall has been awarded a $1,000 grant by the city to create a run club for students and the communnity. The club will begin on July 1st, meeting every Saturday at Franklin Square for 8 weeks.
  • Approximately, $50,000 was raised for Education Works. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, we hired Mr. Demetrics D. McGhee.

All financial reports can be found online at: HSA Newsletter and Financial Reports.

Your continued support of the McCall community is appreciated. Please join us at our upcoming events.

  • Sip & Shop: On December 5th, parents are invited to to this Holiday shopping event at the ‘Best of Philly’ Workshop Underground at 5:30-7:30pm
  • Merry Mondays: Join us December 9th, 7:30 am as we celebrate our McCall teachers and staff members. Jessica Mosur organizes this event to serve a hot breakfast catered by Joseph’s. Parents can volunteer to bring croissants, fruit, or other food items at Sign Up Genius. Alternatively, you can help by making a PayPal donation.
  • Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration: On January 27th students and a school committee will host a Dragon Dance for the Chinese New Year celebration! A sign up sheet will be posted after the Holidays for parents who would like to volunteer at this event.
  • Spring Gala: Our biggest fundraiser of the year, our Annual Spring Gala, will be held on May 1st at the Reading Terminal. Please save the date.

Finally, it is important that we continue to build the strength of our school, its academics, its support system, and our students. Please support the McCall HSA (a 501(c)(3)) by donating via PayPal Giving Fund at CLICK HERE for a paper form: HSA Donation Membership Form English and Mandarin 2019-20

Please look for the next HSA monthly meeting date and join the new Board to hear directly from them about all the upcoming plans.                                                                                 


Your McCall Home and School Association Executive Board

Justin Harris, Lindsay Williams, Mizuki Harris


很难相信我们离新年只有几周的路程。回顾过去,我们要向麦考尔社区表示“非常感谢”,感谢您在校本活动中的持续支持和慷慨解囊。我们希望您将继续支持麦考尔社区在即将到来的2020年春季筹款活动中-Scholastic图书销售,要记住的艺术,电影之夜,春季狂欢节,选举日烘烤销售和麦考尔接力赛!去年您的捐款和门票销售共筹集了$ 83,000!HSA预计我们将在2019-2020学年筹集资金响应学生,教师,家庭和工作人员对工具和资源的要求,以帮助所有McCall学生在今年和将来取得成功。

11月25日,我们在史塔尔花园举行了第一次家庭与学校协会总会。感谢Starr Garden的工作人员邀请我们在几个小时后使用他们的空间,并感谢在星期一晚上出来与新执行董事会会面的父母。对于无法在学校之夜上课的家长,我们邀请您在“麦考尔之友” Facebook页面上观看会议片段。


为科学实验室筹集了20,000美元。 HSA的下一步将是与学区会面以批准该项目。
麦考尔(McCall)已获得市政府的$ 1,000赠款,用于为学生和社区创建跑步俱乐部。俱乐部将于7月1日开始,每个星期六在富兰克林广场开会8周。
为教育工程筹集了约50,000美元。在2019-2020学年开始时,我们聘请了Demetrics D.McGhee先生。

●教师及教职员感恩聚餐及学校每月举办的社区活动,如春季嘉年华。 所有财务报告可以在 HSA Newsletter and Financial Reports 网站上找到。


要继续建设我们的学校,它的学术力量,它的支持系统,我们的学生。HSA 预计,在 2019-2020 学年,我们将需要筹集至少 6 万美元,以响应学生、教师、家庭和工作人员对工具和资源的要求, 帮助麦考尔所有学生在今年和未来实现这一目标。请通过 PayPal 捐赠基金 支持 McCall HSA (a501 (c)(3)。
点击这里查看纸质表格: HSA Donation Membership Form English and Mandarin 2019-20 .

ip饮与购物:12月5日,家长们应邀在5:30-7:30pm的“ Best of Philly”作坊地下假期购物活动
圣诞快乐星期一:12月9日上午7:30与我们一起庆祝麦考尔老师和工作人员。杰西卡·莫瑟(Jessica Mosur)组织此活动,以供应约瑟夫(Joseph's)提供的热早餐。家长可以自愿在Sign Up Genius带来羊角面包,水果或其他食品。另外,您也可以通过PayPal捐款来提供帮助。
春季晚会:我们年度最大的筹款活动,即年度春季晚会,将于5月1日在Reading Terminal举行。请保存日期。

真诚地, 麦考尔家庭和学校协会执行委员会

Justin Harris

Lindsay Williams

Mizuki Harris