Dear McCall Family,

As the new president of the McCall Home and School Association, I want to take a moment to thank past HSA President Laurel Landau, Vice President Sheri Feinberg, Treasurer Laura Sepe, Secretary Stephanie Grenier-Griffin, and Board members at-large Lisa Hardy, Tim Hardy, Tim Miller, Marci Seder, Lauren Summers, and Markus Weidner for their outstanding service to our school community. Thank you to the officers for working with our new board to ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you also to members of the McCall Nominating Committee for their hard work to ensure a smooth election: Jackie Raible, Sara Christmer, Priscilla Lo, Coni Ward and Peggy Banaszek.

I’m delighted to announce that Peggy Banaszek will join me as McCall HSA Vice President. Cari Akula will serve as Treasurer. Francine Sandrow will serve as Secretary. LaShayah Edgefield, Chloe Harris, Nancy Lin, and Lindsay Williams will serve as board members at-large.

We invite everyone to meet the new HSA officers on Saturday, August 18 at 10:30 AM at Starr Garden (600 Lombard Street). Chloe Harris, our Starr Garden Little Library Steward, and Starr Garden Parks and Recreations alum Chris Windle will lead us through a fun activity painting the Little Library, which will be installed at Starr Garden. The Little Library is a donation from the Friends of Independence Branch Library and a project of the McCall School Advisory Council. This event will be held indoors, rain or shine.

Lastly, our new board is interested in hearing from you! Please take a few minutes to help complete this survey: CLICK HERE

Thank you!
Anna Perng

作为McCall家庭和学校协会的新任主席,我想花一点时间感谢过去的HSA主席Laurel Landau,副主席Sheri Feinberg,财务主管Laura Sepe,秘书Stephanie Grenier-Griffin和董事会成员Lisa Hardy, Tim Hardy,Tim Miller,Marci Seder,Lauren Summers和Markus Weidner为我们的学校社区提供的出色服务。感谢主管人员与我们的新董事会合作,以确保顺利过渡。
还要感谢McCall提名委员会的成员,他们自愿参加无数个小时以确保顺利选举:Jackie Raible,Sara Christmer,Priscilla Lo,Coni Ward和Peggy Banaszek。我很高兴地宣布Peggy Banaszek将加入我作为McCall HSA的副总裁。 Cari Akula将担任财务主管。 Francine Sandrow将担任秘书。LaShayah Edgefield,Chloe Harris,Nancy Lin和Lindsay Williams将担任整个董事会成员。
我们邀请所有人在8月18日星期六上午10:30在Starr Garden(朗伯德街600号)会见新的HSA官员。Chloe Harris,我们的Starr Garden Little Library Steward,以及Starr Garden Parks and Recreations alum Chris Windle将带领我们完成一个有趣的活动,绘制Little Library,它将安装在Starr Garden。这是独立之友分馆图书馆和麦考尔学校咨询委员会项目的捐赠。此活动将在室内,雨天或晴天举行。
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Classes will resume for ALL grades on Monday, August 27th.