We just want to take a moment to thank the families and community members who have contributed to the McCall HSA! As of this morning, McCall community has donated an astounding $18,215 in individual contributions, $484.15 in matching funds, $400 pledged donations, $155 from United Way in response to the Back to School fall fundraising drive! The Uniform Committee has made $2,042 in sales to date. We have also received $944.93 in other income. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity!

On October 15, McCall HSA participated in Temple University’s attempt at shattering the Guinness World Record for Most Backpacks Stuffed in an Hour. Philadelphia principals, families, counselors, education professionals, and Temple students set a new record, stuffing over 6,026 backpacks in 37 minutes! Check us out on CBS Philly! These backpacks will be distributed to students in need. McCall HSA is proud to bring back 126 backpacks for our school community. Thank you to school guidance counselor Ms. Jennifer Beebe Poulos for identifying this wonderful opportunity!

On Thursday, October 18, the HSA will have a general membership meeting. Please join us at Starr Garden (600 Lombard Street) between 7-8 PM. During the first half of the meeting, we will report out about the funds raised to date, the school’s budget, and school priorities. During the second half of the meeting, you’ll have a chance to meet with other volunteers to discuss numerous upcoming volunteer opportunities: the Halloween Party; McCall Student Council’s Haunted Hotel (Yes! Adult volunteers are welcome!); Election Day Bake Sale, McCall Gala, Schoolyard Re-Painting Project, Art to Remember, Merry Monday Faculty & Staff Appreciation Breakfast, and many other fun activities.

Meanwhile, save the date for Saturday, November 3rd from 11 AM – 12 PM. Principal McKenna and McCall HSA will host a meeting for Mandarin-speaking families in Chinatown. This date and time was selected based on input from Mandarin speaking families who cannot otherwise attend school meetings or activities. If you would like to help plan this meeting, please reach out to Nancy Lin at Thank you to McCall Bilingual Counseling Assistant Mr. Tang for his leadership and support! Thank you to Principal McKenna for making the time and caring!

If you haven’t made a donation yet, we hope you will consider making a donation today or signing up to volunteer. Together, we can provide the support our principal, faculty, and staff members need to provide high-quality education to all students in the months and years to come.

Here are some key dates –

  • 10/18 7 PM HSA general membership meeting at Starr Garden. Click here for the meeting agenda.
  • 10/23 School Formation photo
  • 10/26 Halloween Party! Sign up to help by clicking here.
  • 10/30 Student Council Haunted Hotel

Check out some fun events taking place in our school catchment:

As always, thank you for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at



我们只想花一点时间来感谢为McCall HSA做出贡献的家庭和社区成员!截至今天上午,McCall社区已经捐赠了惊人的18,215美元的个人捐款,484.15美元的配对资金,400美元的捐赠捐赠,以及来自United Way的155美元,以回应重返校园的筹款活动!迄今为止,统一委员会的销售额为2,042美元。我们还收到了944.93美元的其他收入。我们不能感谢你的慷慨! 有很多方法可以做出贡献。

10月15日,麦考尔HSA参加了坦普尔大学试图粉碎吉尼斯世界纪录的大多数背包一小时内被塞进去。费城校长,家庭,辅导员,教育专业人员和坦普尔学生创造了新纪录,在37分钟内填满了6,026个背包!查看CBS费城的视频!这些背包将分发给有需要的学生。 McCall HSA很荣幸为我们的学校社区带回126个背包。感谢学校辅导员Jennifer Beebe Poulos女士发现这个绝佳机会!

10月18日星期四,HSA将举行一次普通会员会议。请在7-8点之间加入我们的Starr Garden(600 Lombard Street)。在会议的前半部分,我们将报告迄今筹集的资金,学校的预算和学校的优先事项。在会议的下半部分,您将有机会与其他志愿者会面,讨论众多即将到来的志愿者机会:万圣节派对;麦考尔学生会的闹鬼酒店(是的!欢迎成人志愿者!);选举日烘焙销售,McCall Gala,校园重绘项目,艺术纪念,Merry周一教职员工欣赏早餐,以及许多其他有趣的活动。

同时,保存11月3日星期六上午11点至下午12点的日期。校长McKenna和McCall HSA将在唐人街举办一场讲普通话的家庭会议。这个日期和时间是根据普通话家庭的输入选择的,他们不能参加学校会议或活动。如果您想帮助筹划此次会议,请通过nancylg90@hotmail.com与Nancy Lin联系。感谢McCall双语辅导助理唐先生的领导和支持!感谢校长McKenna花时间和关怀!


以下是一些关键日期 –

10/18 学校图片日;下午7点在Starr Garden举行的HSA普通会员会议。点击这里查看会议议程。
10/23 学校形成照片
10/26 万圣节派对!点击此处注册以获得帮助。
10/30 学生会闹鬼酒店


10/18 PCDC #YeShi夜市



Halloween Party Fundraiser

Friday, October 26th 3:30pm to 5:00pm in the gym

The McCall HSA invites you to join the Halloween Party school fundraiser! Tickets are $5 per person, or $15 per family. Families may donate tickets to allow other students to attend. Proceeds help fund priorities identified by Principal McKenna, faculty, staff, and families. Every child will receive a treat bag. We’ll have fun activities like Spooky Spoon Race, trick-or-treat stations, face-painting, arts and crafts, and plenty of prizes! All children must be accompanied by an adult.

McCall HSA邀请您加入万圣节派对学校筹款活动!门票每张5美元,或每个家庭15美元。家庭可以捐赠门票以允许其他学生参加。所得款项有助于为校长麦肯纳,教职员工和家庭确定的优先事项提供资金。每个孩子都会收到一个零食袋。我们将举办有趣的活动,如Spooky Spoon Race,捣蛋台,脸部彩绘,艺术和手工艺品以及大量奖品!所有儿童必须由成人陪同。

Help us make the fundraiser a success 帮助我们让聚会成功:

  • Sign up to volunteer! 注册志愿者: j
  • Reserve your tickets and/or sponsor students to attend the party electronically. Visit 预订门票和/或赞助学生以电子方式参加聚会:
  • Please bring candy donations to the candy box in the Main Office. Tree-nut-free or peanut-free candy is requested, but not required. 糖果的捐赠可以带到校办公室的糖果盒。需要无树坚果或无花生,但不是必需的。
  • If you have spare costumes at home, you may bring them to the office or to the individual classrooms for children without costumes.
  • Decorations donations can be given directly to Halloween Party chair Chloe Harris before school every morning. 如果您在家中有多余的服装,您可以将它们带到办公室或儿童教室,以免儿童穿着。每天早晨Chloe Harris万圣节派对主席都会在校操场学生上课之前,可以直接向她捐赠万圣节装饰品。

Email Chloe at if you have any questions!