Thanks to all who joined us at the Coffee with the Principal last Friday. Ms. Julia Lee, McCall’s new K-8 Music Teacher, and MacGuffin Theatre Artistic Director John Rea will spearhead the new Drama Club and end-of- school year production of “Annie.” On December 5th from 3:30-5 PM, Ms. Lee and Mr. Rea will offer an audition preparation workshop, where students will sing their piece of the score and learn a dance from the show for the dance audition. Students who can’t attend the December 5 workshop can request a copy of their piece of the score for the audition. In the meantime, here are the audition songs:

Annie, Orphans, President Roosevelt, and all supporting characters: Tomorrow (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)
Miss Hannigan – Little Girls (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)
Daddy Warbucks, Grace, Star-to-be – NYC (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)
Rooster and LIly St. Regis – Easy Street (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)

The audition date is January 16, 2019 from 3:30-5:30 PM. Please stay tuned for more details, including volunteering opportunities for all who want to help make this production a success. More info will be sent home in both English and Mandarin shortly.

As always, thank you for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Anna Perng

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感谢所有在上周五加入我们咖啡与校长的人。 McCall的新K-8音乐老师Julia Lee女士和MacGuffin剧院艺术总监John Rea将带领新的戏剧俱乐部和年终制作“Annie”。 12月5日下午3:30-5:00,Lee女士和Rea先生将提供试镜准备工作坊,学生们将在这里演唱他们的乐谱并从舞蹈试镜中学习舞蹈。无法参加12月5日研讨会的学生可以索取他们的部分试镜副本。在此期间,这里是试听歌曲:

Hannigan小姐 – 小女孩(点击这里观看视频和歌词)
Daddy Warbucks,Grace,Star-to-be  –  NYC(点击这里观看视频和歌词)
公鸡和LIly St. Regis  –  Easy Street(点击这里观看视频和歌词)