On Tuesday, 12/11, McCall K-2 students will enjoy a special performance of “The Brave Little Tailor” by Enchantment Theatre. Thank you to McCall parent Sonia Benner for generously donating this show so our younger grades may have a joyful, free theatre experience. Thank you to Enchantment Theatre and to our school for bringing joy, wonder, and language arts to our students! 

This evening, McCall teacher Ms. Mabel Sei, HSA board member-at-large Nancy Lin, and I will have the opportunity to participate in a conversation with Superintendent Dr. William Hite, Jr., Ed.D. We are grateful to Asian Americans United for organizing this discussion with diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations. I’ll share back at the next HSA meeting on Thursday, 12/13. CLICK HERE for the HSA meeting agenda. All are welcome to attend the HSA meeting. 

We have exciting fundraising news! Last Tuesday, we reported that in response to PayPal and Facebook’s #GivingTuesday match program, the McCall school community united and raised $1,425 for our school in a little over 24 hours! Yesterday, we received a generous donation to put our school at $2,415! Thank you so much helping the McCall school community finish the year on a high note! Whether you can donate money or time, there are many important ways you can support our school. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Last Friday, December 7, McCall’s phenomenal technology teacher Ms. Katherine Smith organized McCall’s first-ever Code-A-Thon as a part of the School District of Philadelphia #CSEdWeek. Ms. Smith invited students to apply their coding skills to create online posters. Volunteer judges from the School District’s Office of Educational Technology, McCall HSA, and BSD were blown away by our students’ posters about homelessness, cancer, opioid crisis, poverty, gender inequality, and climate change. It’s clear that coding gives our students an additional language and tool to make the world a better place for all. If you would like to support McCall’s Technology Lab, please CLICK HERE! We are so proud of all the students who participated. Congratulations to the 2018 Code-A-Thon winners:

Grades 6-8 Division:
1st Place:        Abby Li
2nd Place:      Stanley Gao
3rd Place:       Nina Feinberg

Grades 4 and 5 Division:
1st Place:        Ellis Fast
2nd Place:      Abayomi Ogundana
3rd Place:       Daniel Thomas

We are also proud of the McCall students who were selected by Temple University student teacher Ms. Amy Kao to have their artwork displayed at Tyler School of Art. CLICK HERE to view the photos on Friends of McCall. (These beautiful photos were taken by Marissa Post with families’ permission.) There truly is no shortage of talent at McCall! 

McCall HSA is a small, volunteer-run nonprofit that works closely with Principal Stephanie McKenna, faculty, staff, and families on education, advocacy, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising priorities. McCall HSA’s activities are referenced in our school’s Title I School-Parent Compact. (To view the 2017-18 compact approved by our school community last year, please CLICK HERE.) Furthermore, in a continuing effort to be inclusive and transparent, we invite you to attend our next HSA meeting on Thursday, December 13. The meeting will begin at 7 PM at Starr Garden (600 Lombard Street). Faculty, staff, families, kids and community members are all welcome. We will share with you information about the school budget, provide a financial report, and we welcome your feedback. CLICK HERE for the agenda. 

Thank you also for those who have given their time and talents to support our school. If you have an hour or more to volunteer, here are upcoming volunteering opportunities to consider: 

  • Our school needs volunteers for the 100 Book Challenge throughout the year. To sign up for a shift between now and spring 2019, CLICK HERE
  • If you’d like to help or bring a dish to our annual Merry Monday Faculty and Staff Appreciation Breakfast on December 17, please let Chair Jessica Mosur know: CLICK HERE.
  • In case you missed it, CLICK HERE for audition and rehearsal information regarding McCall Drama Club’s production of “Annie, Jr.”. Stay tuned for info on how you can volunteer to support McCall Drama Club’s production of “Annie, Jr.” The HSA raises funds for our school by selling concessions, tees, and tickets. Let us know if you’d like to help! 
  • The McCall Gala is our biggest fundraiser of the school year. The next McCall Gala which will take place on Friday, May 17, 2019 at Reading Terminal Market. If you are interested in volunteering, please attend our December 13 HSA meeting at Starr Garden. Thank you!

As the school year comes to a close, there are many ways to show appreciation, such as a handwritten note, or an email to say thanks. If you have the means and are so inclined, please check out our teachers’ Amazon Wishlists and DonorsChoose projects. 

As always, thank you for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Anna Perng

P.S. If you haven’t made a donation yet, we hope you will consider making a donation today or signing up to volunteer


12月12日星期二,McCall K-2学生将欣赏Enchantment Theatre的“The Brave Little Tailor”特别表演。感谢McCall家长Sonia Benner慷慨捐赠这个节目,这样我们年轻的成绩可能会有一个快乐,免费的戏剧体验。感谢Enchantment Theatre和我们学校为我们的学生带来欢乐,奇迹和语言艺术!

今晚,McCall老师Mabel Sei女士,HSA董事会成员Nancy Lin和我将有机会参加与主管William Hite,Jr.,Ed.D。的对话。我们感谢亚裔美国人联合组织与多个亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民组织进行这次讨论。我将在12月13日星期四的下一次HSA会议上分享。点击这里查看HSA会议议程。欢迎大家参加HSA会议。


上周五,12月7日,McCall的现代技术老师Katherine Smith女士组织了McCall有史以来第一个Code-A-Thon作为费城学区#CSEdWeek的一部分。史密斯女士邀请学生运用他们的编码技巧来创建在线海报。来自学区教育技术办公室,McCall HSA和BSD的志愿者评委们被我们学生的海报,包括无家可归,癌症,阿片类药物危机,贫困,性别不平等和气候变化所震惊。很明显,编码为我们的学生提供了一种额外的语言和工具,使世界变得更加美好。如果您想支持McCall的技术实验室,请点击这里!我们为所有参加的学生感到骄傲。祝贺2018年Code-A-Thon获奖者:

6  –  8年级分部:
第一名:Abby Li
第二名:Stanley Gao
第三名:Nina Feinberg

第二名:Abayomi Ogundana
第三名:Daniel Thomas

我们也为McCall学生感到自豪,他们被Temple大学的学生老师Amy Kao女士选中,在Tyler艺术学院展出他们的作品。点击这里查看麦考尔之友的照片。 (这些漂亮的照片是由玛丽莎·波斯特(Marissa Post)拍摄的,并获得了家属的许可。)麦考尔真的不缺人才!

McCall HSA是一家由志愿者组成的小型非营利组织,与Principal Stephanie McKenna,教职员工和家庭密切合作,共同开展教育,宣传,志愿者机会和筹款活动。 McCall HSA的活动在我们学校的Title I School-Parent Compact中被引用。 (要查看我们学校社区去年批准的2017-18紧凑型,请点击此处。)为了保持包容性和透明度,我们邀请您参加我们在12月13日星期四举行的下一次HSA会议。会议将开始下午7点在斯塔尔花园(朗伯德街600号)。我们欢迎教职员工,家庭,儿童和社区成员。我们将与您分享有关学校预算的信息,提供财务报告,我们欢迎您提供反馈。点击这里查看议程. 


  • 我们学校全年都需要志愿者参加100本书挑战赛。要注册从现在到2019年春季之间的转换,请点击此处
  • 如果您想在12月17日的年度Merry Merry教职员工感谢早餐中提供帮助或带菜,请让主席Jessica Mosur知道:点击这里
  • 如果您错过了,请点击此处获取有关McCall Drama Club制作“Annie,Jr。”的试听和排练信息。请继续关注如何自愿支持McCall Drama Club制作“Annie,Jr。”的信息。 HSA通过出售特许权,发球和门票为我们的学校筹集资金。如果您想帮忙,请告诉我们!
  • McCall Gala是我们学年最大的筹款活动。下一届McCall联欢晚会将于2019年5月17日星期五在雷丁车站市场举行。如果您对志愿服务感兴趣,请参加我们在Starr Garden举行的12月13日HSA会议。谢谢!