Congratulations to our phenomenal Election Day Bake Sale co-chairs Jessica Mosur Joseph andPriscilla Lo, and awesome team of volunteers! In spite of the torrential downpours on Tuesday, the Election Day Bake Sale committee raised$3,086.34! Check out Friends of McCall for photos of our hardworking family and student volunteers. Thank you so much to McCall families, faculty, staff, and neighbors for your donations! Thank you to the following businesses for their delicious donations: Beiler’s DoughnutsFlying Monkey BakerySouth Street BagelsPennsylvania General StoreGearo’s in Northeast Philadelphia andBertucci’s in Langhorne. We are excited to announce that Jess Mosur will Chair our Merry Monday Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon! More info to come!

This morning, our school will receive a very special visit from Anna Brown, wife of Philadelphia 76ersCoach Brett Brown. When Anna Brown learned that McCall needed kindergarten-level books for 100 Book Challenge, and that each replacement set costs several thousand dollars, she reached out to Leslie Bulitt of Build On and Principal Mark Pellico of Bala Cynwyd Middle School to ask for book donations. Last week, Anna delivered SEVEN boxes of books in like-new condition. Today, Anna will visit with THREE additional boxes of donations! These book donations will allow McCall and McCall HSA to dedicate financial resources to other critical areas of need. Thank you so much, Ms. Brown, Ms. Bulitt, and Principal Pellico! For photos, check out Friends of McCall!

Please join us for Coffee with the Principal on Friday, November 16 at 8:45 AM. We will hear from MacGuffin Theatre about its Drama Club offering for this year. All are welcome to attend our HSA general membership meetings! Here is a list of our upcoming meeting dates and our contact info. Please reach out and let us know if you have an idea to help our school. Anything is possible when we work together to our school!

Additionally, here is a message from Ms. Phillips: “Picture retakes are being taken on Tuesday, November 20th in the morning. If you are interested in your child having his/her/their picture retaken, please send back the original picture envelope and the pictures by Monday, November 19th. Students who were absent on the original picture day will also have their pictures taken.  We encourage online orders using McCall’s Picture Retake Day ID: JL458125Q1 on If you need an order envelope, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know. Thank you.”

As always, thank you for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Anna Perng

P.S. If you haven’t made a donation yet, we hope you will consider making a donation today or signing up to volunteer.


祝贺我们非凡的选举日烘焙销售联合主席Jessica Mosur Joseph和Priscilla Lo,以及令人敬畏的志愿者团队!尽管周二有暴雨,选举日烘焙销售委员会筹集了3,086.34美元!查看麦考尔之友,了解我们勤奋的家庭和学生志愿者的照片。非常感谢McCall家庭,教职员工和邻居的捐款!非常感谢当地企业慷慨捐赠以支持我们的学校:Beiler’s Donuts;飞猴面包店;南街百吉饼;宾州综合商店;Gearo位于费城东北部Bertucci位于Langhorne

今天早上,我们学校将接受费城76人队教练布雷特·布朗的妻子安娜·布朗的特别访问。当安娜布朗得知麦考尔需要100本书挑战的幼儿园级书籍,并且每个替换套装花费数千美元时,她联系了Bala Cynwyd中学的Build On和校长Mark Pellico的Leslie Bulitt,要求捐赠书籍。上周,安娜以一种全新的状态交付了七盒书。今天,安娜将参观三箱额外捐款!这些书籍捐赠将允许McCall和McCall HSA将财务资源用于其他重要的需求领域。非常感谢,布朗女士,布利特女士和校长Pellico!有关照片,请查看麦考尔之友


此外,菲利普斯女士发来一条消息:“图片重拍正在11月20日星期二上午拍摄。如果您对您的孩子重拍他/她的照片感兴趣,请发回原始图片信封, 11月19日星期一之前的图片。原始图片日缺席的学生也会拍照。我们鼓励在Lifetouch.com上使用McCall的图片重拍日ID:JL458125Q1进行在线订购。如果您需要订购信封,请告知你孩子的班主任老师知道了。谢谢。“