We’re thrilled to announce that Mayor Jim Kenney will join us at the 2019 McCall Gala! To reserve your early bird tickets today, visit our McCall Gala website. Need after care and entertainment for your kiddos until the Gala ends? Check out the Kids on 12th special, all in support of McCall!

Welcome to our newest McCall Gala Host Committee member Jessica Downes! Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting EducationWorks and STEM Lab needs. There are now 52 days until the May 10th McCall Gala! Will you help contact local businesses to ask for silent auction donations? Dynamic duo Jess Mosur ( and Priscilla Lo ( would love to hear from you!

McCall Cares

  • McCall recently participated in the 2019 National History Day Philly. How did it go? Meet our (award-winning) students!
  • McCall Women’s Career Day Committee knocked it out of the park again! Get to know the superstar faculty Ms. Greenberg, Ms. Bottaro, Ms. Poulos, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Mandell, students, families, and community supporters behind this annual program.
  • Read about McCall School Teacher Lead Elizabeth Walls-Asto and McCall students’ efforts to collect Pennies for Patients, benefiting Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Congratulations to winners of the schoolwide competition: Ms. Merlini’s class Room 212!
  • We agree with Coach Brown and the Sixers Youth Foundation: Daniel Post is a terrific kid!
  • Thank you to Marta Rodriguez, 100 Book Challenge Chair, and volunteers Colleen Cassidy, Cagri Oktem, for rotating crates of books to K-2 classrooms biweekly!
  • McCall parent Elle has been quietly managing our school’s Lost and Found. Thank you! Families, please write your child’s name and room number on lunchboxes, clothing tags, and thermoses/bottles.

Additional ways to help McCall this month

  • Coffee + donuts + McCall spirit. Join over 65 Green Team Spring Cleanup volunteers on March 30 from 9-12 PM as we try to beautify our school and our neighborhood, win the School District’s CleanFutures contest, and earn Disney Hopper passes to auction at our Gala. Bonus: Each volunteer will receive a free reusable water McCall logo bottle, courtesy of a Recyclebank grant obtained by Mr. Knoflicek.   
  • Please join us on Wednesday, March 20 at 8:45 AM in the school library. Principal McKenna will review the 2019-20 school budget during the Coffee with the Principal. Learn why we need to raise funds for our school. The HSA will present an update. Read Treasurer Cari Akula’s report.

Other news:

  • Cherish McCall memories! Yearbooks are available for purchase from now until April 15. Each yearbook is $20. To order, please make a check payable to “McCall School,” or order online at using code: 13456319.
  • Save the date for the Spring Carnival, hosted by Student Council and McCall HSA, on Friday, April 5 from 12-3 PM! Bouncy’s on Wheels, owned by McCall parent Sean, will generously donate cotton candy, fresh-popped popcorn, and a game truck! Admission is free to all families, faculty, and staff. Proceeds from carnival games tickets will support our school. McCall alum Milk + Sugar will serve up desserts while DumpNRoll serves up lunch fare. If you’d like to volunteer, CLICK HERE.
  • April 1-5 – Scholastic Book Fair. Our school needs volunteers! Click here.
    Shop the Book Fair online, open 24/7, starting 3/24: Click here.
  • April 2 – Literacy Day
    • Students K-8 can dress like a favorite character from a book.
    • 9 AM K-2 Character Parade. Family viewing in McCall schoolyard.
    • The Cat in the Hat will visit K-2 classrooms.
    • Buddy Reading with another classroom.
  • April 3-5 McCall Art Show Visit the school during report card conferences!
  • April 15 & April 16 – Iron Hill Brewery Give20 to McCall
  • May 4 – McCall Relays. Thank you to Justin Harris for chairing this beloved event!
  • May 15 & 16 – Annie, Jr. Musical. CLICK HERE to volunteer.
  • May 24 – McCall Blue and Gold Day
  • Ongoing – 8:45 AM 100 Book Challenge volunteering every other week. CLICK HERE to volunteer.
  • Ongoing – Shout-out to Peggy Banaszek, Fund for School District of Philadelphia, Danielle Floyd, Alfred Howard, Nicole Ward, Harvey Hurdle, and Kevin Yoder for keeping our Bathroom Renovation Project on track!

As always, THANK YOU for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Anna Perng

P.S. Can you help our school with a critical need? Read about HSA investments to learn about the requests we have received from faculty and staff. Do you want to know how much money we’ve raised to date? CLICK HERE to read our most recent financial update. The past McCall HSA funded EducationWorks, which provides structured recess for students K-5. EducationWorks has expanded activities to provide restorative justice programming for students. The HSA must raise $53,000 to fund EducationWorks alone. Every dollar goes a long way to provide the resources our principal, faculty, staff, and students need to succeed. Please CLICK HERE to make a tax-deductible donation to support our school.

亲爱的麦卡尔一家,欢迎来到我们最新的McCall Gala主持委员会成员Jessica Downes!感谢我们慷慨的赞助商支持EducationWorks和STEM Lab的需求。现在有52天,直到5月10日McCall Gala!您是否会帮助联系当地企业要求进行无声拍卖捐赠?动态二人组Jess Mosur(和Priscilla Lo(很乐意听取您的意见!

我们很高兴地宣布,市长吉姆肯尼将参加2019年麦考尔晚会!如需预订今日早鸟票,请访问我们的McCall Gala网站。在晚会结束之前,您的孩子需要照顾和娱乐吗?查看12号儿童特别节目,全部支持McCall!


  • 麦考尔最近参加了2019年国家历史日费城。他们是怎么做的?认识我们(获奖)的学生
  • 麦考尔妇女的职业日委员会再次将它击出公园!了解这个年度计划背后的非凡教职员工 Ms. Greenberg, Ms. Bottaro, Ms. Poulos, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Mandell,学生,家庭和社区支持者。
  • 了解麦考尔学生为患者收集便士的努力,使白血病和淋巴瘤协会受益。祝贺全校比赛的获奖者:Merlini女士的212室课程!
  • 我们同意布朗教练和76人青年基金会的意见:Daniel Post是一个了不起的孩子
  • 感谢Marta Rodriguez,100本书挑战椅,以及志愿者Colleen Cassidy,Cagri Oktem,每周两次将书箱旋转到K-2教室!
  • McCall的父母Elle一直在悄悄地管理我们学校的失物招领。谢谢!家庭,请在午餐盒,衣服标签和热水瓶/瓶子上写下您孩子的姓名和房间号码。
  • 咖啡+甜甜圈+麦考尔精神。我们将于3月30日晚上9点至12点加入超过65名Green Team Spring Cleanup志愿者,我们试图美化我们的学校,我们的社区,赢得学区的CleanFutures比赛,并在我们的晚会上赢取迪士尼Hopper奖品的拍卖。奖励:每位志愿者将获得一个免费的可重复使用的水McCall标志瓶,由Knoflicek先生获得的Recyclebank赠款提供。
  • 请于3月20日星期三上午8:45在学校图书馆加入我们。校长McKenna将在与校长的咖啡期间审查2019-20学校的预算。 HSA将提供更新。阅读Treasurer Cari Akula的报告
  • 珍惜麦考尔的回忆!从现在到4月15日,可以购买年鉴。每本年鉴都是20美元。 如需订购,请支票抬头“麦考尔学校”,或使用代码:13456319在ybpay.lifetouch.com在线订购。
  • 保存由学生会和McCall HSA主办的春季嘉年华的日期,时间为4月5日星期五下午12点至3点! 由McCall父母Sean拥有的Bouncy’s on Wheels将慷慨捐赠棉花糖,新鲜爆米花和游戏卡车! 所有家庭,教职员工均可免费入场。McCall alum Milk + Sugar将提供甜点,而DumpNRoll则提供午餐。嘉年华游戏门票的收益将支持我们的学校。如果你想做志愿者,请点击这里
  • 4月1日至5日 –  Scholastic书展。我们需要志愿者!点击这里。在线购买书展,每周7天,每天24小时开放,点击此处
  • 4月2日 – 节日
    • K-8学生可以穿着像书中最喜欢的角色。
    • 上午9点K-2角色游行。在McCall校园观看的家庭。
    • 戴帽子的猫将参观K-2教室。
    • 好友和另一间教室一起读书。
  • 4月15日和4月16日 –  Iron Hill Brewery Give20到McCall
  • 梅 – 麦考尔继电器。感谢Justin Harris主持这个心爱的活动!
  • 5月15日,16日 – 安妮,小优惠和开球销售新的. 点击这里自愿参加。
  • 5月 – 麦考尔继电器。感谢Justin Harris主持这个心爱的活动!
  • 5月24日 – 麦考尔蓝色和金色学校庆祝活动
  • 正在进行 – 上午8:45 100每隔一周挑战志愿者。点击这里自愿参加。感谢Marta Rodriguez,100本书挑战椅,以及志愿者Colleen Cassidy,Cagri Oktem,本月为K-2教室提供新书并为其提供新书!
  • 正在进行 – 向Peggy Banaszek致敬,费城学区基金会,Danielle Floyd,Alfred Howard,Nicole Ward,Harvey Hurdle和Kevin Yoder保持我们的浴室装修项目正常进行!




p.s. 你能帮我们学校满足需求吗?点击这里阅读我们从教职员工处收到的请求。你想知道我们迄今筹集了多少钱吗?点击这里阅读我们最新的财务更新。过去McCall HSA资助的EducationWorks,为学生K-5提供结构化休息。 EducationWorks扩展了为学生提供恢复性司法程序的活动。 HSA必须筹集53,000美元才能单独为EducationWorks提供资金。每一美元都有很长的路要走,以提供我们的校长,教职员工和学生成功所需的资源。请点击此处进行免税捐赠以支持我们的学校。