Check out photos from McCall’s 2019 Blue & Gold Day! Shout-out to Olena Mikityuk-Zinshtein, Nurse Benjamin, and Ms. Walls-Asto on organizing an awesome health and nutrition fair! Thank you to our wonderful faculty Mr. Dueñas, Ms. McCann, Mr. Knoflicek, Mr. Orlowski, EducationWorks Coach Nick, staff, and middle school students for organizing and running the Blue and Gold Day activities! Congratulations to Gold Team on winning. We’re proud of everyone for a day of friendly competition. Thank you to our volunteers, families who donated to offset watermelon costs, and to Vinnie Iovine of Iovine Brothers Produce for making our day extra sweet. Thank you to Brian Schwartz for designing our Blue and Gold Day tees. Thank you to Mizuki Harris, Nancy Lin, QingPing Wang, Xingxing Zhang, Mandy Lin for helping to sell and distribute hundreds of t-shirt orders. Thank you to families for donating shirts to students, faculty, and staff!

We’re sending the weekly update out early, so families can plan ahead:
  • The Students of Room 210 are sponsoring a special Dress Down Day on Tuesday, May 28. Learn more about Try On a New You, a cost-free dress down day.
  • Thanks to everyone who came out to the McCall Gala! McCall HSA will hold a 2nd Silent Auction from Monday, May 27 at 12 PM ET through Friday, May 31 at 9 PM ET! You’ll have a chance to bid on a set of Disney Hopper passes, Mandarin immersion classes, and more! Just visit

Countdown to the last day of school! Here’s important information:

  • Per the Coffee with the Principal, to ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and students, the District has initiated a paint stabilization project. McCall is one of the the high-priority schools. Here is an update.
  • May 27 Memorial Day School is closed
  • May 30 10 AM Kindergarten Move Up Ceremony
  • May 31 9-12 PM 8th Grade Commencement
  • As the the 2018-19 school year comes to a close, let’s show our appreciation for our education professionals with a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Breakfast on Monday, June 3rd! Please contribute to the breakfast by signing up here.
  • June 7 – Parent Surveys are due. Please complete a Parent Survey for each child that you have in the school. If you do not have your student’s ID number, which can be found on his/her/their report card, please contact the Main Office at  (215) 400-7840.

Thank you for all you do! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if the HSA can be of service:


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P.P.S. Please make a donation to support our school. Can you help our school with a critical need? CLICK HERE to read the requests we have received from faculty and staff. Do you want to know how much money we’ve raised to date? CLICK HERE to read our most recent financial update. To date, McCall HSA has purchased educational software licenses for Study Island, funded a faculty and staff welcome back luncheon, helped write a grant for 10 new iPads to support Ms. Smith’s pilot for ESOL students, purchased a new refrigerator for our building and facilities staff, purchased a new refrigerator to store ice packs and medicine in Nurse Benjamin’s office, and most recently funded schoolwide incentives for upcoming PSSAs. You can read about our efforts through our newsletters archive.


查看McCall 2019年Blue&Gold Day的照片!向Olena Mikityuk-Zinshtein,护士本杰明和Walls-Asto女士致敬,组织了一场精彩的健康和营养展览会!感谢我们精彩的教师Dueñas先生,McCann女士,Knoflicek先生,Orlowski先生,E​​ducationWorks教练Nick,工作人员和中学生组织和举办蓝色和黄金日活动!祝贺金队获胜。我们为每一个人在一天的友好竞争中感到自豪。感谢我们的志愿者,捐赠以抵消西瓜成本的家庭,以及Iovine Brothers Produce的Vinnie Iovine让我们的日子更加甜蜜。感谢Brian Schwartz设计我们的Blue and Gold Day T恤。感谢Mizuki Harris,Nancy Lin,王庆平,张兴兴,Mandy Lin帮助销售和分发数百件T恤订单。感谢家属向学生,教职员工捐赠衬衫!

感谢所有参加McCall Gala的人! McCall HSA将于美国东部时间5月27日星期一中午12点至5月31日星期五美国东部时间晚上9点举行第二场无声拍卖!您将有机会参加一套迪士尼Hopper通行证,普通话浸入式课程等等!请访问


  • 根据校长的咖啡,为了确保教职员工和学生的安全,学区启动了油漆稳定项目。麦考尔是高优先级学校之一。这是一个更新
  • 5月27日阵亡将士纪念日学校关闭
  • 5月30日上午10点幼儿园搬家仪式
  • 5月31日晚9点至12点8年级开始
  • 随着2018-19学年即将结束,让我们感谢6月3日星期一我们的教育专业人士提供教职员工感谢早餐!请在这里注册,以便为早餐做出贡献

6月7日 – 家长调查到期。请为您在学校的每个孩子完成家长调查。如果您没有学生的身份证号码(可在他/她/他们的成绩单上找到),请致电(215)400-7840联系总部。

P.P.S.请捐款来支持我们的学校。你能帮我们学校满足需求吗?点击这里阅读我们从教职员工收到的请求。你想知道我们迄今筹集了多少钱吗?点击这里阅读我们最新的财务更新。迄今为止,McCall HSA已经为Study Island购买了教育软件许可证,资助了一个教职员工欢迎回来的午餐会,帮助为10个新iPad提供补助金,以支持Smith女士为ESOL学生提供的试点,为我们的建筑和设施购买了一台新冰箱工作人员在本杰明护士办公室购买了一台新的冰箱储存冰袋和药品,最近在全校范围内为即将到来的PSSA提供奖励。您可以通过我们的新闻简报存档了解我们的工作。

P.P.S.请捐款来支持我们的学校。你能帮我们学校满足需求吗?点击这里阅读我们从教职员工收到的请求。你想知道我们迄今筹集了多少钱吗?点击这里阅读我们最新的财务更新。迄今为止,McCall HSA已经为Study Island购买了教育软件许可证,资助了一个教职员工欢迎回来的午餐会,帮助为10个新iPad提供补助金,以支持Smith女士为ESOL学生提供的试点,为我们的建筑和设施购买了一台新冰箱工作人员在本杰明护士办公室购买了一台新的冰箱储存冰袋和药品,最近在全校范围内为即将到来的PSSA提供奖励。您可以通过我们的新闻简报存档了解我们的工作