Thank you so much to the families and neighbors who have volunteered to serve on the McCall Gala Host Committee: Francine Sandrow and Kevin Hoekzema, 2019 McCall Gala Co-chairs; Host Committee: Cari Akula, Peggy Banaszek, Alison Bozic, Bob Caplan, LaShayah Edgefield, Lisa Widowsky Hallowell, Chloe Harris, Grace Hopper, Jessica Mosur Joseph, Nancy Lin, Priscilla Lo, David and Jackie Raible, and Lindsay Williams!

Can you help us reach out to businesses in the McCall catchment? When gathering your donations, please use the:

Thank you so much to Principal Mckenna for serving as our sounding board. Please join us! Sign up to volunteer anytime between now and May 10: CLICK HERE.

We’re excited to kick off the 2019 May Gala with two pre-Gala raffles for summer camp at Liberty Lake Day Camp and Tall Pines Day Camp. Scroll down or CLICK HERE.

We wanted to give a special shoutout to McCall student Zoe, her parent Elle, and school counselor Ms. Jennifer Beebe Poulos for organizing a successful McCall Warm Fuzzes jacket and accessories drive. Thank you to everyone who donated! The items will be donated to Cradles to Crayons on February 8.

Key dates & volunteering opportunities:

  • Jan. 16 – 8:45 AM 100 Book Club volunteering. CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Jan. 16 – 3:30 PM Annie, Jr. auditions *rescheduled*. CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Jan. 18 & 22: School is closed.
  • Jan 24: 8:45 AM Coffee with the Principal/HSA Meeting
  • Jan. 25: 3:30 PM Student Council Winter Gala. CLICK HERE for more info.
  • Jan. 29: McCall Gala Planning meeting

If you would like to attend the McCall Gala Planning meeting, please contact Vice President Peggy Banaszek at

Our school needs volunteers for the Scholastic Book Fair during the week of April 1-5. Check out how volunteers at other elementary schools have taken #ScholasticBookFair to the next level: CLICK HERE for photos. Will you help McCall knock it out of the park this year? Let us know!

Can you help our school with a critical need? CLICK HERE to read the requests we have received from faculty and staff. Do you want to know how much money we’ve raised to date? CLICK HERE to read our most recent financial update. The past McCall HSA funded EducationWorks, which provides structured recess for students K-5. EducationWorks has expanded activities to provide restorative justice programming for students. The HSA must raise $53,000 to fund EducationWorks alone. Every dollar goes a long way to provide the resources our principal, faculty, staff, and students need to succeed. Please CLICK HERE to make a tax-deductible donation to support our school.

As always, THANK YOU for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Anna Perng

Pre-Gala Summer Camp Raffle!
In support of the 2019 McCall Gala, two local summer camps have donated generous raffle prizes!

Liberty Lake Day Camp will raffle off two weeks of camp (June 24 – July 5) for a first time family! This gift is valued at $1,395. Liberty Lake is doing a bus route for children in Philadelphia now: the camp is located in Burlington NJ. For more info, CLICK HERE.

Tall Pines Day Camp has donated a gift certificate which entitles any new family to $200.00 off any camp tuition with the minimum purchase of three weeks. Combined with the “Welcome to Tall Pines” $200 for new families, that’s a total of $400 off for a new family! Returning families may use the gift certificate to receive $200 off their tuition. For more info, CLICK HERE.

Raffle tickets are $5 each. To purchase your raffle tickets, please make a payment via, and send an email to Cari Akula to identify which camp you prefer. McCall HSA will raffle off the prizes on Thursday, February 7 at the HSA meeting.

非常感谢那些自愿担任McCall Gala主持人委员会成员的家人和邻居:Francine Sandrow和Kevin Hoekzema,2019年McCall Gala联合主席;主持委员会:Cari Akula,Peggy Banaszek,Alison Bozic,Bob Caplan,LaShayah Edgefield,Lisa Widowsky Hallowell,Chloe Harris,Grace Hopper,Jessica Mosur Joseph,Nancy Lin,Priscilla Lo, David和Jackie Raible,以及Lindsay Williams!有兴趣的志愿者可以通过NancyLG90@hotmail.com联系Nancy Lin。

我们很高兴能够在Liberty Lake Day Camp和Tall Pines Day Camp



我们想对McCall学生Zoe,她的父母Elle和学校辅导员Jennifer Beebe Poulos女士进行特别的呐喊,以组织一次成功的McCall Warm Fuzzes夹克和配件驱动。感谢捐赠的每一个人!这些物品将于2月8日捐赠给Cradles to Crayons。


  • 1月16日 –  8:45 AM 100 Book Club志愿服务。点击这里获取更多信息。
  • 1月16日 –  3:30 PM Annie,Jr。试镜改期点击这里获取更多信息。
  • 1月18日和22日:学校关闭。
  • 1月24日:8:45 AM咖啡与校长/ HSA会议
  • 1月25日:3:30 PM学生会冬季联欢晚会。点击这里获取更多信息。
  • 1月29日:McCall Gala计划会议
  • 如果您想参加McCall Gala计划会议,请通过VicePresident@mccallschool.org联系副总裁Peggy Banaszek。


你能帮我们学校满足需求吗?点击这里阅读我们从教职员工处收到的请求。你想知道我们迄今筹集了多少钱吗?点击这里阅读我们最新的财务更新。过去McCall HSA资助的EducationWorks,为学生K-5提供结构化休息。 EducationWorks扩展了为学生提供恢复性司法程序的活动。 HSA必须筹集53,000美元才能单独为EducationWorks提供资金。每一美元都有很长的路要走,以提供我们的校长,教职员工和学生成功所需的资源。请点击此处进行免税捐赠以支持我们的学校。




为了支持2019年的McCall Gala,两个当地的夏令营捐赠了丰厚的抽奖奖品!

自由湖日营将为两个星期的营地(6月24日 -  7月5日)抽出一个家庭作为第一次!

Tall Pines Day Camp已经捐赠了一份礼券,任何新家庭都可以获

并发送电子邮件至Cari Akula,
以确定您喜欢哪个营地。 McCall HSA将在2月7日星期四的HSA会议上抽奖。