We had a terrific Coffee with the Principal last Tuesday. For those who missed it, we wanted to share resources:

CLICK HERE for a link to the extracurricular activities in English and in Mandarin. These activities take place at school.

CLICK HERE for Principal McKenna’s PowerPoint presentation on McCall school data and goals for 2018-19.

McCall’s Picture Day is on October 11, 2018. Picture re-take day is November 20, 2018. The faculty contact is Ms. Phillips. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to Ms. Phillips at

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Congratulations to McCall students Amelia Battestelli, Gery Chen-Yan, Breeana Dong, Sophia He, Clarity Kapur, Noah Seder and Vickie Lin for having their art showcased in City Hall’s A+ Art Show! This art show is up through September 28th on the second and fourth floors of City Hall in the northeast corner. Way to go, McCall art teacher Ms. Erica Mandell and McCall students!

祝贺McCall学生Amelia Battestelli,Gery Chen-Yan,Breeana Dong,Sophia He,Clarity Kapur,Noah Seder和Vickie Lin在City Hall的A + Art Show中展示他们的艺术作品!这个艺术展将于9月28日在东北角的市政厅的二楼和四楼举行。要走的路,麦考尔艺术老师埃丽卡曼德尔女士!

P.S. Copies of the 2017-18 yearbook are still available for sale. Please send in $15 in an envelope addressed to Ms. Mandell and “YEARBOOK,” and include your child’s name, teacher, and classroom number.

附: 2017-18年鉴的副本仍可供出售。请寄送给Mandell女士和“YEARBOOK”的信封中的15美元,并包括您孩子的姓名,老师和教室编号