Due to expected inclement weather throughout Monday night and early Tuesday morning, all School District of Philadelphia schools will open Tuesday, February 12, 2019 on a two-hour delay. All schools will open two hours later than their normal time and all buses will begin their morning routes two hours later than their normal time. Families can also visit the Bus Status Page to see if there are additional delays for their child’s bus route. After-school activities including athletic programs and professional development sessions set for Tuesday will continue as scheduled.

We’re excited to announce that McCall is now an Eco-School! To kick off our efforts, McCall science teacher Scott Knoflicek, Green Team student leaders, and McCall HSA invite you to participate in the School District’s exciting new CleanFutures contest. Whether you’re a McCall student, family, faculty, staff, friend, or neighbor, anyone can join! It takes just a couple of minutes to join our team. Start snapping those photos and tagging litter. CLICK HERE to join McCall’s Green Team and get details!

In case you missed it

  • On Monday, February 11, McCall Home and School Association sponsored a performance by Philadelphia Suns lion dancers. The Suns performed for all K-8 students, faculty, staff, and families. CLICK HERE for a video.
  • Over the weekend, McCall students and teachers appeared the Class-H Room! CLICK HERE for photos by School Teacher Lead Ms. Elizabeth Walls-Asto.

Key dates and volunteering opportunities:

  • Ongoing – 8:45 AM 100 Book Challenge volunteering. CLICK HERE to volunteer.
  • Ongoing – McCall Gala. CLICK HERE to help!
  • Feb 12, 14 10 AM – 2 PM: Kindergarten registration continues
  • March 2 – McCall Green Team Community Action
  • April 1-5 – Scholastic Book Fair. CLICK HERE to volunteer.

As always, THANK YOU for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Anna Perng

P.S. Can you help our school with a critical need? CLICK HERE to read the requests we have received from faculty and staff. Do you want to know how much money we’ve raised to date? CLICK HERE to read our most recent financial update. The past McCall HSA funded EducationWorks, which provides structured recess for students K-5. EducationWorks has expanded activities to provide restorative justice programming for students. The HSA must raise $53,000 to fund EducationWorks alone. Every dollar goes a long way to provide the resources our principal, faculty, staff, and students need to succeed. Please CLICK HERE to make a tax-deductible donation to support our school.



我们很高兴地宣布麦考尔现在是一所生态学校!为了开始我们的努力,McCall科学老师Scott Knoflicek,Green Team学生领袖和McCall HSA邀请您参加学区令人兴奋的全新CleanFutures竞赛。无论您是McCall的学生,家人,教职员工,朋友还是邻居,任何人都可以加入!加入我们的团队只需几分钟。开始拍摄这些照片并标记垃圾。点击这里加入麦考尔的绿色团队并获取详细信息!


  • 2月11日星期一,麦考尔家庭和学校协会赞助了费城太阳狮舞者的表演。太阳队为所有K-8学生,教职员工和家庭表演。点击这里观看视频。
  • McCall学生McCall的学生和老师将出现在Fox游戏节目中The Class-H Room!加入工作室观众并在2月9日星期六为他们加油!座位先到先得。点击这里了解详情。
  • 正在进行 – 上午8:45 100本书挑战志愿者。点击这里自愿参加。
  • 2月12日,14日上幼儿园注册仍在继续
  • 正在进行 – McCall CleanFutures比赛。点击这里加入绿色团队。
  • 3月2日 – 麦考尔绿色团队社区行动
  • 4月1日至5日 –  Scholastic书展。点击这里自愿参加




p.s. 你能帮我们学校满足需求吗?点击这里阅读我们从教职员工处收到的请求。你想知道我们迄今筹集了多少钱吗?点击这里阅读我们最新的财务更新。过去McCall HSA资助的EducationWorks,为学生K-5提供结构化休息。 EducationWorks扩展了为学生提供恢复性司法程序的活动。 HSA必须筹集53,000美元才能单独为EducationWorks提供资金。每一美元都有很长的路要走,以提供我们的校长,教职员工和学生成功所需的资源。请点击此处进行免税捐赠以支持我们的学校。