2018-19 100 Book Challenge 2018-19 100本书挑战赛

Thank you to 100 Book Challenge Chair Marta Rodriguez and volunteers, and our community partners Philadelphia 76ers, BuildOn, and Bala Cynwyd Middle School for supporting the School District of Philadelphia’s Anchor Goal on literacy.

When Philadelphia 76ers Anna Brown, wife of Coach Brett Brown learned that we needed books for 100 Book Challenge, she reached out to Leslie Bulitt of BuildOn and Principal Mark Pellico of Bala Cynwyd Middle School. Anna personally delivered SEVEN boxes of books in like-new condition for our K-8 elementary school. Our students were so excited to see new and popular book series. Instead of having to spend several thousand dollars to replenish our 100 Book Challenge inventory, we can devote those financial resources to other critical needs at our school.

Thank you to Marta and our volunteers for supporting this effort throughout the year. The District reports, “By providing all K-3 students with the highest-quality literacy instruction and the right books and resources in their classrooms, the number of third graders reading on grade level has increased 3 percentage points.”

感谢100名挑战主席Marta Rodriguez和志愿者,以及我们的社区合作伙伴Philadelphia 76ers,BuildOn和Bala Cynwyd中学,以支持费城学区的扫盲目标。

当费城76人安娜布朗,教练布雷特布朗的妻子得知我们需要100本书挑战的书籍时,她联系了BuildOn的Leslie Bulitt和Bala Cynwyd中学的校长Mark Pellico。安娜亲自为我们的K-8小学提供了一箱新书。我们的学生很高兴看到新的和流行的书系列。我们可以将这些财务资源用于我们学校的其他关键需求,而不必花费数千美元来补充我们的100本书挑战库存。