2018 Halloween Party 2018年万圣节派对


Thank you so much to the McCall school community for a successful Halloween school fundraiser! Thank you to party Chair Chloe Harris, every McCall student and adult volunteer, and McCall faculty and staff for your stellar teamwork to raise these needed funds for our school. Shout out to Mr. Petusky, whose Halloween decorations were lit! 🔥 We can’t believe Scott Knoflicek for turning the candy corn guessing into a lesson. 🙌🏼 Thank you to past chair Sheri Feinberg for showing us the ropes! We hope you all had a wonderful time and thank you for coming together to support our school. ❤️ #McCallBears

非常感谢McCall学校社区成功举办万圣节学校筹款活动!感谢各位McCall学生和成人志愿者Chloe Harris,以及McCall教职员工为您的学校提供​​所需的资金。向Petusky先生大喊大叫,他的万圣节装饰点亮了!我们无法相信Scott Knoflicek将糖果玉米的猜测变成了一个教训。感谢前任主席Sheri Feinberg向我们展示了绳索!我们希望你们共度美好时光,并感谢你们共同支持我们学校。 #McCallBears