2019 Blue and Gold Day Recap 2019年蓝色和黄金日期刊

Such an awesome McCall Blue and Gold Day!

Shoutout to Olena Mikityuk-Zinshtein, Nurse Benjamin, and Ms. Walls-Asto on organizing an awesome health and nutrition fair!

Thank you to our wonderful faculty Mr. Dueñas, Ms. McCann, Mr. Knoflicek, Mr. Orlowski, Coach Nick, staff, and middle school students for organizing and running the Blue and Gold Day activities!

Congratulations to Gold Team on winning! We’re proud of everyone for a day of friendly competition.

Thank you to our volunteers, families who donated to offset watermelon costs, and to Vinnie Iovine of Iovine Brothers Produce for making our day extra sweet.

Thank you to Brian Schwartz for designing our Blue and Gold Day tees! Thank you to Mizuki Harris, Nancy Lin, QingPing Wang, Xingxing Zhang, Mandy Lin for helping to sell and distribute hundreds of t-shirt orders.

Thank you to families for donating shirts to students, faculty, and staff!


这么棒的McCall Blue和Gold Day!

向Olena Mikityuk-Zinshtein,护士本杰明和Walls-Asto女士致敬,组织了一场精彩的健康和营养展览会!


祝贺金队获胜! 我们为每一个人在一天的友好竞争中感到自豪。

感谢我们的志愿者,捐赠以抵消西瓜成本的家庭,以及Iovine Brothers Produce的Vinnie Iovine让我们的日子更加甜蜜。

感谢Brian Schwartz设计我们的Blue and Gold Day T恤! 感谢Mizuki Harris,Nancy Lin,王庆平,张兴兴,Mandy Lin帮助销售和分发数百件T恤订单。