2019 CLEANfutures Awards 2019年CLEANFutures奖

Litteratti McCall

A joint effort of the Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet, the School District of Philadelphia’s GreenFutures Program, Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, and Litterati, CleanFutures will utilize data to track the types of litter found on school grounds and then match schools with the resources to find innovative ways to reduce that litter.

The Green Team, McCall Home and School Association, and Seger Park Dog Owners Association organized a Spring Cleanup with over 100 volunteers. To date, McCall Green Team has collected 8,047 pieces of litter!

Pictured above are McCall top 5 Litterati users Tiffany, Kyong, Queenie, Elva, and Danica! Second grader Bella collected over 200 pieces of litter. Congratulations to McCall’s Scott Knoflicek and Green Team, and to all of our volunteers and partners, on winning a 2019 CLEANfutures award! You make us proud!

Spring Cleanup

Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet,费城学区GreenFutures计划,Keep Philadelphia Beautiful和Litterati的共同努力,CleanFutures将利用数据跟踪在校园内发现的垃圾类型,然后将学校与资源相匹配以寻找创新减少垃圾的方法。

绿色团队,McCall家庭和学校协会以及Seger Park狗主人协会组织了一次有超过100名志愿者的Spring Cleanup。迄今为止,McCall Green Team已经收集了8,047件垃圾!

图为McCall前5名Litterati用户Tiffany,Kyong,Queenie,Elva和Danica!二年级学生贝拉收集了200多块垃圾。祝贺McCall的Scott Knoflicek和Green Team,以及我们所有的志愿者和合作伙伴,赢得了2019年的CLEANfutures奖!你让我们自豪!