2019 Outstanding Safety Patroller 2019年杰出安全巡逻员

Stanley Gao OSSP winner (1)

Congratulations to McCall rising 7th grader Stanley Gao, who was recently recognized as the Triple A Outstanding School Safety Patroller of the year!

AAA School Safety Patrols play an important role in helping young pedestrians learn and fulfill responsibilities regarding traffic safety. Millions of boys and girls have honorably served their classmates since the AAA School Safety Patrol program began in the U.S. in 1920. AAA School Safety Patrol members are school-sponsored student volunteers from upper elementary grades, middle and junior high schools. Patrollers direct children, not traffic. As school-age leaders in traffic safety, patrol members teach other students about traffic safety on a peer-to-peer basis. They also serve as models for younger children, who look up to them.

Congratulations to Stanley and all of our McCall school safety patrollers! We are so proud of you! Thank you to Triple A Mid-Atlantic, McCall Dean of Students Mr. Sykes, and EducationWorks Coach Nick for supporting this important program!

祝贺McCall七年级学生Stanley Gao,他最近被公认为年度三A级杰出学校安全巡逻员!


祝贺Stanley和我们所有的McCall学校安全巡逻队!我们为你骄傲!感谢Triple A Atlantic-Atlantic,McCall学生院长Sykes先生和EducationWorks教练Nick为这个重要计划提供支持!