2019 Scholastic Book Fair / 2019 Scholastic书展

THANK YOU SO MUCH to McCall school community for a successful Scholastic Book Fair. Scholastic reports that we sold 1400-1500 books! We were also able to give away over 200 free, like-new books to students, faculty, and staff, thanks to our partners at Philadelphia 76ers, BuildOn, and Bala Cynwyd Middle School community. According to Scholastic, our sales totaled $10,816.86, earning $3,300 more than last year. Our school will receive 25% of sales. Principal McKenna has opted to accept $500 in Scholastic Dollars and the remaining profit $2253.90 in cash. Scholastic Book Fair has confirmed that each Scholastic Dollar will be matched, giving McCall a total of $1,000 in Scholastic Dollars to use towards books!

It takes a village to raise a child. At McCall, we are lucky to have a loving community. Thank you to Ms. Kathy Phillips, the faculty and staff-led McCall Literacy Day Committee, our wonderful faculty and staff for coordinating classroom visits, and to our amazing volunteer Book Fairies Cari Akula, Laura Bardwell, Jessica Beers, Sonia Benner, Alison Kelly Bozic, Lesley Bannister Copans, Sara Chrismer, Kaitlyn Flesher David, Lorraine Kostiw Dziepak, Neha Ghaisas, Chloe Harris, Mizuki Harris, Jennifer Hurley, Jessica Mosur Joseph, Nancy Lin, Priscilla Lo, Marissa Nolan Post, Lawrence Raffel, Melissa Amster Raffel, Marta Rodriguez, Aimee Schaar, Qing Ping Wang, Lindsay Williams, and their children for volunteering countless hours to run this week-long school fundraiser! Special shout-out to Student Council 6th Grade representative Stanley Gao for setting up our cash register, training us, and to Miranda Gao and Vivian Ma for helping out every day after school!


非常感谢McCall学校社区举办了一次成功的Scholastic书展。 Scholastic报道说我们卖了1400到1500本书!感谢我们在费城76人队,BuildOn和Bala Cynwyd中学社区的合作伙伴,我们还能够向学生,教师和员工赠送200多本免费的新书。据Scholastic称,我们的销售额为10,816.86美元,比去年增加了3,318美元。我们学校将获得25%的销售额。校长McKenna选择接受500美元的Scholastic Dollars和剩余的2253.90美元现金。 Scholastic书展确认每个Scholastic Dollar都会匹配,给McCall总共1000美元Scholastic Dollars用于书籍!

养一个孩子需要一个村庄。在麦考尔,我们很幸运有一个充满爱的社区。感谢Kathy Phillips女士,由教职员工领导的McCall扫盲日委员会,我们出色的教师和工作人员协调课堂访问,以及我们出色的志愿者Book Fairies Cari Akula,Laura Bardwell,Jessica Beers,Sonia Benner,Alison Kelly Bozic,Lesley Bannister Copans,Sara Chrismer,Kaitlyn Flesher David,Lorraine Kostiw Dziepak,Neha Ghaisas,Chloe Harris,Mizuki Harris,Jennifer Hurley,Jessica Mosur Joseph,Nancy Lin,Priscilla Lo,Marissa Nolan Post,Lawrence Raffel,Melissa Amster Raffel, Marta Rodriguez,Aimee Schaar,王庆平,林赛威廉姆斯和他们的孩子们为志愿服务无数个小时来管理这个学校的筹款活动!特别呼吁学生会六年级代表Stanley Gao设置我们的收银机,培训我们,并让Miranda Gao和Vivian Ma每天放学后帮忙!