Advancing Equity through STEM: McCall’s ESL Technology Integration Pilot 通过STEM推进股权:McCall的ESL技术整合试点

McCall Principal Stephanie McKenna, technology teacher Ms. Katherine Smith, and McCall Home and School Association sincerely thanks Washington Square West Trust for its ongoing support of public education. On January 31, 2019, the Trust awarded McCall with a generous grant in the amount of $3,937.50 for McCall School for 10 32 GB iPads, 10 STM cases, and 10 MDM Licenses. Learn more about McCall technology teacher Ms. Smith’s “Advancing Equity through STEM: McCall’s ESL Technology Integration Pilot” CLICK HERE. Thank you to John Kelly, Jennifer Hurley, members of the Trust and its supporters for making a positive difference at McCall! 

McCall校长Stephanie McKenna,技术教师Katherine Smith女士和McCall家庭和学校协会衷心感谢华盛顿广场西信托基金对公共教育的持续支持。2019年1月31日,信托基金向麦考尔颁发了3,937.50美元的慷慨资助,用于McCall学校10个32 GB iPad,10个STM案例和10个MDM许可证。了解更多关于McCall技术老师Katherine Smith女士的“通过STEM推进公平:McCall的ESL技术集成试点”:点击这里。感谢John Kelly,Jennifer Hurley,信托基金会的成员及其支持者,为麦考尔做出了积极的贡献!