Bathroom Renovation Project 浴室装修工程

At the 2018 McCall Gala, McCall HSA organized a paddle auction, led by kindergarten teacher Ms. Rachel Keenan. McCall families and the HSA raised a significant amount of money to renovate the single bathroom outside of her classroom.

After the Gala, the past officers signed an MOU with Fund for PHL, which currently holds the funds. CLICK HERE to read the MOU.

Since then, we have transitioned to a new board. Thank you to the past officers, Fund for PHL, and the following McCall parents who are assisting with this project:

  • Ed Andrews
  • HSA Vice President Peggy Banaszek
  • Harvey Hurdle
  • HSA Liaison to Fund for PHL Tim Miller
  • Kevin Yoder

To date, we have received three proposals. We will brief families on the proposals on Thursday, 12/13/18 at the HSA Meeting at Starr Garden.

In an effort to be transparent, we will post regular updates on the project.

Thank you, McCall families and our partner Fund for PHL!



  • Ed Andrews
  • HSA副总裁Peggy Banaszek
  • Harvey Hurdle
  • HSA联络人为PHL Tim Miller提供资金
  • Kevin Yoder

迄今为止,我们收到了三份提案。我们将于12月13日星期四在Starr Garden举行的HSA会议上向家属介绍这些建议。