Resources 资源

You will find here all the information you need for a successful year at McCall!

Enrollment 注册

Dress code 着装要求

School Supply Lists 学校供应清单

Understanding the 2018 PSSA 了解2018年的PSSA

Note from Nurse Benjamin 护士本杰明的注释

Extra Curricular Clubs & After School Activities 课外俱乐部和课外活动

PA Immunization Requirements PA 预防针要求

家长许可表格Parental Permission Form 

学生行为准则Student Code of Conduct

班级网页Classroom webpages

早餐和午餐菜单Breakfast & Lunch menus


学生委员会Student Council

会议记录Home & School Association Meeting Minutes

课后托管计划After School Care Programs

成绩进展报告School Progress Report



Extra Curricular Clubs & After School Activities 额外的课程安排和课后活动

Principal McKenna sent home the following document outlining the offerings McCall will have for the 2018-2019 school year: Extracurricular Clubs and After School Activities in English UPDATE: McCall will offer an after-school Drama Club. CLICK HERE for more information. 校长McKenna寄回了以下文件,概述了McCall将在2018-2019学年提供的产品: 普通话课外活动表 更新:麦考尔将提供课后戏剧俱乐部。点击这里查看更多信息。