Lunar New Year at McCall 麦考尔的农历新年

Lunar New Year at McCall is always a special time of year. Our faculty and students amaze us with a variety of dance, poetry, and musical performances. This year, McCall Home and School Association sponsored lion dance performances and a school-wide parade for all K-8 students, faculty, staff, and families. Check out our video! For more photos and videos, join our Facebook group Friends of McCall.

麦考尔的农历新年总是一年中的特殊时期。我们的教师和学生通过各种舞蹈,诗歌和音乐表演让我们惊叹不已。今年,麦考尔家庭和学校协会赞助了舞狮表演和全校游行。看看我们的视频吧!有关更多照片和视频,请加入我们的Facebook群组Friends of McCall。