McCall CleanFutures 麦考尔清洁期货

McCall science teacher Scott Knoflicek, McCall’s Green Team, and McCall Home and School Association are proud to participate in the School District of Philadelphia’s CleanFutures contest! We’re inviting friends, family, and neighbors to join McCall’s Green Team to address litter throughout our community!

From Litterati: Litter is tangible, visual, approachable and easy to understand. We’ve designed the program to allow students to be part of the solution, solving issues within their own community, and collectively to build a more sustainable planet. This program is aligned with 7 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals & follows the principles of the UNESCO “Delors report”.

Will you join McCall’s Green Team?

Step 1: CLICK HERE to download the Litterati app and join McCall’s club.

Step 2: CLICK HERE to read a quick guide on how to use Litterati to address litter problems in our community. Start snapping photos and tagging!

Step 3: Save the date for the McCall Green Team Community Action on Saturday, March 2nd, a fun-filled day of environmentally friendly action and education for our community.

If you are a business or organization that would like to donate refreshments, or help spread the word, please contact Mr. Knoflicek at, HSA board member at-large Lindsay Williams at, or  Anna Perng at

Thank you!


McCall科学老师Scott Knoflicek,McCall的绿色团队以及McCall家庭和学校协会很自豪能够参加费城学区的CleanFutures竞赛!我们邀请朋友,家人和邻居加入McCall的绿色团队,以解决整个社区的垃圾问题!





第3步:在3月2日星期六保存McCall Green Team社区行动的日期,为我们的社区提供充满乐趣的环保行动和教育日。

如果您是想要捐赠茶点,志愿者或帮助传播信息的企业或组织,请通过sknoflicek@philasd.org联系Knoflicek先生, HSA董事会成员Lindsay Williams 联系,或者联系Anna Perng总统@。