Support McCall’s Annual Women’s Career Day 支持麦考尔年度女性职业日

Dear Students and Parents,

This year, we’ll be holding our annual Women‘s Career Day on March 15th, 2019 from 9:00-12:00 PM. Volunteers will be invited to coffee and refreshments as well as a light lunch. If you know any women who have interesting careers and could join us,  please send their email addresses to Joanna Bottaro & Leslie Greenberg

Thank you!

The Women‘s Career Day Committee

P.S. We are selling red envelopes for $1. Every envelope will contain a chocolate coin and a fortune. Inside 12 lucky envelopes, you will have a chance to win a sweet treat! They will be sold 2/4/19-2/8/19 during lunch. All proceeds go to McCall’s annual Women’s Career Day!


今年,我们将在3月15日的早上九点到十二点举行一年一度的女士职业日。自愿者将被邀请喝咖啡和茶点,以及一个美味的午餐。如果您认识有兴趣参加的女士,请加入我们的女士职业日,请将他们的电子邮件地址发送至Joanna Bottaro女士,邮箱地址为 或者Leslie Greenberg女士, 邮箱地址为




附:我们以1美元的价格出售红包。每个信封都包含巧克力硬币和财富。在12个幸运信封内,您将有机会赢取甜点!它们将在午餐期间以2/4 / 19-2 / 8/19出售。所有收益都捐给McCall年度女性职业日!