McCall’s Annual Women’s Career Day 麦考尔年度女性职业日


McCall’s Women’s Career Day was a huge success!

Literacy teacher Ms. Leslie Greenberg and Ms. Joanna Bottaro met weekly with student organizers, ran the Red Envelopes fundraiser, recruited speakers, organized and prepared the students and classrooms, and oversaw logistics on the day of the event.

School counselor Ms. Jennifer Beebe Poulos worked with McCall HSA to organize Women’s Career Day breakfast and luncheon, feeding over 40 volunteers in the school library.

Librarian Ms. Kathy Phillips set up the library to be “home base” for presenters and volunteers. Art teacher Ms. Erica Mandell worked with McCall students on the beautiful welcome banner and adorable thank you origami notes.

Thank you to the following volunteer presenters:

Jessica Abel, Annie Anderson, Audra Anusionwu, Kiki Aranita, Roz Bratt, Camille Cogswell, Rebecca Emerich, Tamsin Fast, Burni Fernandez, Leah Felder, Aqeela Fogle, Krista Fogler, Sarah Folger, Teresa Gavigan, Allison Gibson, Zehra Husikic, Lisa  Lattera-Hughes, Betsy Lee-Fong, Michele McKeone, Jenny Messick, Melissa Roselli, Becca Morgan, Susan Morrison, Aleeze Moss, Jess Mosur, Kathryn Nordick, Lori Ortiz, Rebecca Pasdon, Wendy Ramunno, Alexis Sangalang, Meredith Scheiner, Colleen Seeber- Combs, Stephanie Sun, Valerie Vittu, Jennifer Ward, Ellen Yin, and Olena Zinshtein.

Thank you to the following generous breakfast and luncheon contributors:

Federal Donuts, Starbucks, Green Garden Restaurant, McCall HSA, Jessica Abel, Cari Akula, Krista Fogler, Neha Ghaisas, Bethany Harper, Nancy Lin, Jess Mosur, Marissa Post, Marta Rodriguez, Natasha Sabanina, Fiona Scull, Lauren Summers, and to those who supported the Red Envelope fundraiser!


扫盲教师Leslie Greenberg女士和Joanna Bottaro女士每周与学生会面,参加Red Envelopes筹款活动,招募演讲者,组织和准备学生和教室,并在活动当天监督后勤工作。

学校辅导员Jennifer Beebe Poulos女士与McCall HSA合作,组织了女性职业日早餐和午餐会,为学校图书馆的40多名志愿者提供食物。

图书管理员Kathy Phillips女士将图书馆设置为主持人和志愿者的“家庭基地”。艺术老师Erica Mandell女士在学生们的美丽欢迎横幅和可爱的感谢折纸笔记上工作。


Jessica Abel,Annie Anderson,Audra Anusionwu,Kiki Aranita,Roz Bratt,Camille Cogswell,Rebecca Emerich,Tamsin Fast,Burni Fernandez,Leah Felder,Aqeela Fogle,Krista Fogler,Sarah Folger,Teresa Gavigan,Allison Gibson,Zehra Husikic,Lisa Lattera -Hughes,Betsy Lee-Fong,Michele McKeone,Jenny Messick,Melissa Roselli,Becca Morgan,Susan Morrison,Aleeze Moss,Jess Mosur,Kathryn Nordick,Lori Ortiz,Rebecca Pasdon,Wendy Ramunno,Alexis Sangalang,Meredith Scheiner,Colleen Seeber- Combs,Stephanie Sun,Valerie Vittu,Jennifer Ward,Ellen Yin和Olena Zinshtein。


联邦甜甜圈,星巴克,Green Garden餐厅,McCall HSA,Jessica Abel,Cari Akula,Krista Fogler,Neha Ghaisas,Bethany Harper,Nancy Lin,Jess Mosur,Marissa Post,Marta Rodriguez,Natasha Sabanina,Fiona Scull,Lauren Summers,以及那些支持Red Envelope筹款活动的人!

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