Home & School Association 家庭和学校协会


McCall Home & School Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization and your donation is tax-deductible. Our Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations certificate number is 41926. CLICK HERE for a copy of our certificate. Our EIN is 27-1367019.

Our volunteer-run organization works closely with Principal Stephanie McKenna, faculty, staff, and families on education, advocacy, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising priorities. We also take pride in conducting our activities in a transparent and inclusive way. We communicate with families in English and Mandarin. We host open meetings with varied meeting times and locations, based on families’ feedback. We also manage Friends of McCall public Facebook group and a WeChat group for families who need timely communication in Mandarin. McCall HSA’s activities are referenced in our school’s Title I School-Parent Compact.

Since July, our HSA has received numerous requests for critical school needs. We have reviewed these requests with Principal McKenna. These are the larger initiatives which require funding:

  • funding EducationWorks through 2019-2020;
  • building a STEM lab;
  • fulfilling technology needs such as new SMART Boards for the Library and for ESOL students;
  • continuing to replenish or update instructional materials, including books and software;
  • tackling capital improvements;

There are also smaller requests that we receive, such as requests for floor mats under the water fountains to prevent slips and falls, and musical instrument repairs to support our school music program. If you haven’t made a donation this year, please consider making a donation of $5-$500 today: CLICK HERE. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to support our school!

Special thanks to Brian Schwartz of BrainDo, for generously donating his time and talent to create our new logo! Brian is the proud father of Teddy Schwartz, and the Creative Director of BrianDo, a full-service interactive agency located in Philadelphia. Over the years, Brian has provided his branding and design expertise to many organizations like McCall HSA to creatively highlight their unique qualities and impact on the community.

“With the enhanced logo I wanted to emphasize the energy and support that the Home & School Association provides to the school, while keeping the focal point on the existing McCall logo. It is ultimately a creative way to provide a token of appreciation to what this organization does on a daily basis for our community.”

– Brian Schwartz, BrainDo

Principal McKenna and our Gala team selected this logo because it captures the partnership, energy, and movement it takes to support our public elementary school community. Thank you so much, Brian, for lifting up our school community!

我们的志愿者组织与Principal Stephanie McKenna,教职员工和家庭密切合作,共同开展教育,宣传,志愿者机会和筹款活动。我们也以透明和包容的方式开展我们的活动而感到自豪。我们用英语和普通话与家人沟通。我们根据家庭的反馈,举办各种会议时间和地点的公开会议。我们还为需要及时用普通话沟通的家庭管理麦考尔公共Facebook群组和微信群组。 McCall HSA的活动在我们学校的Title I School-Parent Compact中被引用。要查看我们学校社区去年批准的2017-18紧凑型,请点击此处。



特别感谢BrainDo的Brian Schwartz,他慷慨地捐出了他的时间和才能来创造我们的新标识! Brian是Teddy Schwartz的骄傲之父,也是位于费城的全方位服务互动机构BrianDo的创意总监。多年来,Brian为McCall HSA等许多组织提供了品牌和设计专业知识,以创造性地突出他们的独特品质和对社区的影响。


– Brian Schwartz, BrainDo


为了保持包容性和透明度,我们邀请您参加12月13日星期四举行的下一次HSA会议。会议将于晚上7点在Starr Garden(朗伯德街600号)开始。我们欢迎教职员工,家庭,儿童和社区成员。我们将与您分享有关学校预算的信息,提供财务报告,我们欢迎您提供反馈。

McCall Home&School Association是一家501C3免税非营利组织,您的捐款可以免税。我们的宾夕法尼亚州慈善组织证书编号是41926。 点击这里获取我们的证书副本。我们的EIN是27-1367019。

Officers 官员:
Justin William Harris President 主席 president@mccallschool.org
Lindsay Williams Vice President   副主席 vicepresident@mccallschool.org
Mizuki Harris Treasurer 财务主管 treasurer@mccallschool.org
Nancy Lin *Nancy can speak Mandarin and Fuzhou. 她会说普通话和福州话 Email Nancy 向Nancy发送电子邮件

A description of each position can be found HERE.

McCall School Advisory Council McCall学校顾问委员会

Elected parent representatives 当选的家长代表

Mandy Lin

Frank Schaffer

QingPing Wang

Paige Wolf

Elected faculty representatives 当选的教师代表

David Brown

Lisa Hantman

Proxy 代理: Nurse Bobbie Benjamin

Sign up to join the McCall HSA today. CLICK HERE for the printable HSA Membership Form. If you wish to make a donation, you can do so via our PayPal page by CLICKING HERE. (On the PayPal page, in the section “add special instructions to the seller,” please include your child’s name and any info, i.e. “Purchase of a McCall Leaf,” or, “STEM Lab,” for example.)

点击此处查看HSA会员表。如果您想捐款,可以点击这里通过我们的PayPal页面进行捐赠。 (在PayPal页面的“向卖家添加特殊说明”部分,请包括您孩子的姓名和任何信息,例如“购买”麦考尔叶”或“STEM Lab”。)

The School District’s FACE Office created a detailed FAQ which explains the differences between the HSA and the SAC. CLICK HERE for the SAC FAQ. We look forward to working in partnership with the McCall SAC to serve the school community.

学区的FACE办公室创建了一个详细的常见问题解答,解释了HSA和SAC之间的差异。单击此处获取SAC常见问题解答,该常见问题解答仅提供英文版本。我们期待与McCall SAC合作,为学校社区服务。