McCall’s Student Council

 The officers of the Student Council are:
  • President: Nina Feinberg
  • Vice-President: Sophia Ortiz
  • Secretary: Elva Liu
  • Treasurer: Queenie Chiu 

The 6th Grade Class Representatives are:

  • Stanley Gao
  • Kezia Lay
  • Asya Tekin
  • Anthony Wallace
  • Alexa Wilbur

The 7th Grade Class Representatives are:

  • Jack Caselle
  • Jean-Pierre Charpentier
  • Nylah Turner-Jones
  • Lylian Zhang

The 8th Grade Class Representatives are:

  • Phoebe Cole
  • Elena Gao
  • Camille Vittu


Follow the Student Council’s page on Instagram, and add the on Snapchat @mccallsc