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At McCall School, our vision is to create a community of future-ready, life-long learners who will lead, serve and achieve in their communities.
We will accomplish this vision through our commitment to academic diligence, ethical socialization, and professional integrity.
This vision, and its intrinsic, supportive shared values represent our collective passion, dreams, and aspirations, and guide us in how we work with our students, parents, and community partners to realize the full potential of our life-long learners.

在McCall学校,我们的愿景是创建一个面向未来的终身学习者社区,他们将在社区中领导,服务和实现。 我们将通过对学术勤奋,道德社会化和职业诚信的承诺来实现这一愿景。 这一愿景及其内在的,支持性的共同价值观代表了我们的集体激情,梦想和愿望,并指导我们如何与学生,家长和社区合作伙伴合作,以实现终身学习者的全部潜能。

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