Support our school 支持我们的学校

There are many ways you can support our school.

Whether you choose to volunteer or donate, your generosity is truly appreciated!

To make a donation, CLICK HERE. 

Here are additional creative ways in which McCall families can financially support our school:

  • Amazon: Many Amazon purchases made through are eligible for a percentage donation to McCall. (As of last school year, your purchases generated over $1300 in donations to the HSA!) Just make sure you select “McCall Home & School Association” as your charitable organization of choice!
  • BoxTops: Collect BoxTops and turn them into your teacher and good luck in the schoolwide competition! McCall families, faculty, and staff earned over $1000 last year! Each BoxTop earns us 10 cents and it sure adds up! Read McCall HSA Box Tops coordinator Aimee Scharr’s welcome letter: CLICK HERE
  • NameBubbles: If you need personalized name labels, we now have an ongoing fundraiser withName Bubbles where they give McCall HSA 20% back on all sales! (The HSA made over $230 last year!) The labels are waterproof and fun and also make great gifts! You must use this link in order for McCall to get the money back:Here’s the link!!
  • Shoparoo: Download the Shoparoo App onto your phone! Simply scan your grocery receipts and a percentage of your sales are donated back to the school! We have 206 supporters signed up now! Let’s beat last year’s earnings of $373. Don’t forget to update your child’s grade and join this fun competition!
  • Caviar: Order food from many local restaurants through Caviar, and Caviar will donate 10% of every order to McCall! (The HSA made over $83 last year!) Make sure you place your orders with this this link!





  • 亚马逊:通过进行的许多亚马逊购买都有资格向McCall捐赠百分比。 (截至上一学年,您购买的HSA捐赠超过1300美元!)请确保选择“McCall Home&School Association”作为您选择的慈善组织!
  • BoxTops:收集BoxTops并将它们变成你的老师,祝你在全校比赛中好运!麦考尔的家庭,教职员工去年赚了1000多美元!每个BoxTop赢得10美分,肯定会加起来!阅读McCall HSA Box Tops协调员Aimee Scharr的欢迎信:点击这里. 
  • NameBubbles:如果您需要个性化的名称标签,我们现在正在进行名为Bubbles的筹款活动,他们将McCall HSA的所有销售额提供20%的回报! (HSA去年售价超过230美元!)这些标签既防水又有趣,也是很棒的礼物!您必须使用此链接才能让McCall获得退款:这是链接!
  • Shoparoo:将Shoparoo App下载到您的手机上!只需扫描您的杂货收据,您的销售百分比就会捐赠回学校!我们现在有206名支持者注册了!让我们打败去年373美元的收益。不要忘记更新您孩子的成绩并参加这个有趣的比赛!
    鱼子酱:通过鱼子酱从许多当地餐馆订购食物,鱼子酱将每笔订单的10%捐赠给麦考尔! (去年HSA的售价超过83美元!)请确保通过此链接下达您的订单