HSA Weekly Newsletters and Financial Reports HSA每周通讯和财务报告

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Weekly email updates 每周电子邮件更新


Financial Reports 财务报告

Monthly financial reports can be found in the weekly update archives beginning with the former HSA Treasurer Mizuki Harris in 2019-2020. In addition, for your convenience, reports prepared by our Treasurer are provided below. 

每月的财务报告可以在每周更新档案中找到,该档案始于2019-2020年的HSA Treasurer Mizuki Harris。此外,为方便起见,Treasurer 编写的报告如下。

Treasurer’s Report July to August 2018

Treasurer’s Report- September 2018

Treasurer’s Report October 2018

Treasurer’s Report- November 2018

Treasurer’s Report – December 2018

Treasurer’s Report- January 2019

Treasurer’s Report Feb 2019

Treasurer’s Report Mar 2019

Treasurer’ s Report Mar 2019 (Revised) April 2019

Treasurer’s Report May 2019

Treasurer’s Report June 2019

Treasurers Report July and August 2019

Treasurers Report September 2019

Treasurers Report October 2019

Treasurers Report November 2019

Treasurers Report December 2019

Treasurers Report January 2020