Greetings and Thanks

Dear McCall Family,

As the new president of the McCall Home and School Association, I want to take a moment to thank past HSA President Laurel Landau, Vice President Sheri Feinberg, Treasurer Laura Sepe, Secretary Stephanie Grenier-Griffin, and Board members at-large Lisa Hardy, Tim Hardy, Tim Miller, Marci Seder, Lauren Summers, and Markus Weidner for their outstanding service to our school community. Thank you to the officers for working with our new board to ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you also to members of the McCall Nominating Committee for their hard work to ensure a smooth election: Jackie Raible, Sara Christmer, Priscilla Lo, Coni Ward and Peggy Banaszek.

I’m delighted to announce that Peggy Banaszek will join me as McCall HSA Vice President. Cari Akula will serve as Treasurer. Francine Sandrow will serve as Secretary.

We invite everyone to meet the new HSA officers next Saturday:

McCall Meet & Greet
Saturday, July 21st
3-5 PM
Starr Garden Recreation Center
600-44 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Chloe Harris, our Starr Garden Little Library Steward, and Starr Garden Parks and Recreations alum Chris Windle will lead us through a fun activity painting the Little Library, which will be installed at Starr Garden. It is a donation from the Friends of Independence Branch Library and a project of the McCall School Advisory Council. This event will be held indoors, rain or shine.

Guest musicians from Project 440 will also provide a live, hands on musical performance suitable for all. If you’d like to bring refreshments, please sign up using this link: CLICK HERE. Thank you!

Lastly, our new board is interested in hearing from you! Please take a few minutes to help complete this survey: CLICK HERE

Thank you!
Anna Perng
作为McCall家庭和学校协会的新任主席,我想花一点时间感谢过去的HSA主席Laurel Landau,副总裁Sheri Feinberg,财务主管Laura Sepe,秘书Stephanie Grenier-Griffin和董事会成员Lisa Hardy, Tim Hardy,Tim Miller,Marci Seder,Lauren Summers和Markus Weidner为我们的学校社区提供的出色服务。感谢主管人员与我们的新董事会合作,以确保顺利过渡。
还要感谢McCall提名委员会的成员,他们自愿参加无数个小时以确保顺利选举:Jackie Raible,Sara Christmer,Priscilla Lo,Coni Ward和Peggy Banaszek。我很高兴地宣布Peggy Banaszek将加入我作为McCall HSA的副总裁。 Cari Akula将担任财务主管。 Francine Sandrow将担任秘书。
McCall Meet&Greet
Chloe Harris,我们的Starr Garden Little Library Steward,以及Starr Garden Parks and Recreations alum Chris Windle将带领我们完成一个有趣的活动,绘制Little Library,它将安装在Starr Garden。这是独立之友分馆图书馆和麦考尔学校咨询委员会项目的捐赠。此活动将在室内,雨天或晴天举行。
 来自Project 440的客座音乐家还将提供适合所有人的现场音乐表演。如果您想带点心,请使用以下链接注册:点击这里 谢谢!注册网站是英文的。我们确实需要捐赠瓶装水,新鲜水果和无树坚果零食。如果您有兴趣捐款,请让Nancy Lin知道:nancylg90@hotmail.com或215 305 2565.Nancy说普通话和福州话。




Free school lunches during the summer

A McCall parent, who is a nutritionist, wrote a blog post addressing healthy eating habits over the summer, which includes information on how to get free school lunches:

“Free School Lunches – Many children get their lunches through the school-offered program. This can make it hard for these kids to receive proper meals during the summer. However, there are over 1,000 sites in Philadelphia that serve free lunches and snacks to youths under the age of 18. You can find which site is closest to you through the Philly Food Finder website ( or you can text “FOOD” to 877877 and receive a message back to find the closest location. All you will need to enter is a zip code.”


You can read her blog post HERE.

McCall HSA’s accomplishments


The last four years have been hugely successful at McCall!

As our term ends, we would like to share with you some of McCall HSA‘s accomplishments over this time frame, and how your support and HSA‘s leadership has aided in maintaining McCall’s status of excellence:

  • We collected close to $250,000 in donations!;
  • We raised over $171,000 through our Annual Galas & Auctions!;
  • We generated over $75,000 in funds through Fundraisers!;
  • We secured over $25,000 in grants from the Wash West Trust!; AND
  • We collected over $8,000 in rewards programs, including Amazon Smile and Shoparoo!
We were able to provide the McCall community with:
  • 4 consecutive years of Structured Recess (Playworks/EdWorks)
  • School-Wide Air Conditioning
  • Replacement of the Playground’s Safety Surface
  • 1 Year of Funding of Kathy Phillips’s Position in our Library
  • 13 SMART Panels
  • 20 Chromebooks
  • Funding for Renovation of the First Floor Bathroom
  • Translation Equipment
  • Upgraded Auditorium Sound System and Keyboard Lab
  • Textbooks, Novels, ESOL Kits, 100 Step Challenge Books
  • Software for Curricula
  • Computer and Science Lab Supplies
  • Hydration Stations
  • Walnut Street Theater Drama Program
  • Laminator/Shredder/Video Entry System/Cleaning Equipment
  • Support for Nurse Benjamin, Art Supplies, Instrument Repair
  • Teacher Appreciation Celebrations
We were also proud to have:
  • Coordinated countless school events, in partnership with Principal McKenna, such as the Back to School Night Fairs, Welcome Back Parties on the Playground, Parents’ Nights Out, Cherrydale Fundraisers, Election Day Bake Sales, Picture Days, Art to Remember, Movie Nights, Teacher Appreciation Day Breakfasts; Halloween Parties, Chinese New Year’s Parties; McCall Relays; Sports Outings; BoxTops Collections; 100 Step Challenges, and More!
  • Maintained our website, Facebook Page, and Amazon Wish Lists
  • Published the Weekly Update and Other Parent Communications
  • Managed our Financial Records and Other Related Documents to Maintain our 501(c)(3) Status
  • Organized 4 Annual McCall Galas & Auctions
Best of luck to the incoming Board and we look forward to the future successes of McCall HSA!
Laurel Landau, Laura Sepe, Sheri Feinberg, Stephanie Grenier-Griffin,
Farah Kapoor, Lisa Hardy, Tim Miller, Marci Seder, Lauren Summers, and Marcus Weidner.


2018 McCall Gala & Auction Proceeds

Thank you again for your amazing support for our 2018 McCall Gala & Auction, our 6th annual event of this kind!!

We are proud to report a new record with our net proceeds: 

over $57,000!!

This includes over $15,000 (plus HSA’s matching), raised during the Paddle Raise, to fund the renovation of the first floor bathroom!

Congratulations, McCall!!


Buy your yearbook!

buy-your-yearbook (1)

Did you forget to buy your yearbook?! You’re in luck – Ms. Mandell ordered extra!

They are $20 each, and you can pay by cash or checks made payable to “McCall Elementary”.

Be sure to fill out the order form, which you or your student can get from the office.

Blue & Gold Day/STEAM Fest

Blue & Gold Day- 2018

Blue & Gold Day is TOMORROW (Friday, June 1st), weather permitting! Dressing in your assigned color is encouraged! (Uniform is acceptable, alternatively.)

Parents: Please send your children to school in sneakers and with a reusable water bottle, if you have one!
Teachers: Please have the children bring their water bottles outside!

Grades Big School Yard
(Blue & Gold Activities)
6th Street Courtyard
(STEAM Fest)
K-1 10:00-11:00 12:50-1:30
2nd and 3rd 12:30-1:30 10:15-11:00
4th and 5th 11:15-12:15 1:30-2:15
6th and 7th 9:00-10:00 11:15-12:00
8th Grade: Tug of War at 2:00

Watermelon Help

Thanks to those who volunteered to help cut and serve the watermelons! More cutters are always welcome (and needed)! Just show up in the 6th Street Courtyard!

Please come with a knife and cutting board, if possible.

Message from the HSA Elections Nominating Committee

As we get closer to the end of the voting period for HSA officers, the nominating committee is reminding candidates and HSA members of the procedures.

All teachers have received ballots for each of their students to take home. If someone did not receive a ballot they can pick one up in the office. Announcements have been made to faculty, staff and support staff about the election and where to obtain ballots.

Below are the rules and procedures guiding this process.

Voting for Candidates will end May 30, 2018 at 3:00 PM.

Please return your completed ballot form in the envelope provided to the marked box in the McCall Elementary Office by May 30, 2018 at 3:00 PM or you may bring your completed ballot form to the HSA meeting planned for May 30, 2018 at 8:30 AM in the McCall Library.

Please vote for one candidate per office by circling your chosen candidate’s name. If you wish to vote for a candidate not on the Ballot Form, write in the name of a candidate on the Write In line and circle them. If there is only one candidate running for each office, we ask that you still vote by circling them as we need to have a record that this person is supported by the parent body.

To be a valid completed Ballot Form, complete the following:
1. place your completed Ballot Form in the envelope provided
2. close and seal the envelope
3. sign your name on the back of the envelope
4. write your child’s (or children’s) name on the back of the envelope
5. Write your child’s homeroom on the back of envelope

Ballots will be removed from signed envelopes and counted by an independent representative from the Philadelphia Home & School Council.

No school staff or HSA board members will be involved in vote counting or be aware of how association members vote.

One vote per household. Faculty, staff, support staff and student government leaders are eligible to vote according to McCall HSA Bylaws.

No campaigning by candidates, teachers, staff or students may take place during regular school hours.

2018 McCall Gala & Auction

Set up


What a wonderful night! Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!

We had close to 200 people in attendance at our 2018 McCall Gala & Auction, which is our 6th event of this type! We had our second ever live auction component, which was a huge success, and our first ever paddle raise (to raise money to renovate bathrooms!!) We are still finalizing our net profit — please stay tuned!

This event was an incredible show of support for McCall: parents, teachers, incoming parents, former parents, community members with no tie to McCall — all celebrating together! Thanks to everybody who procured or donated the hundreds of silent and live auction items and raffle prizes, entered them into the system, collected sponsorships, printed descriptions and bidsheets, matched items to envelopes, coordinated with the vendors and venue, procured donations of alcohol and desserts, created name tags, managed ticket sales, and of course the team of people who worked tirelessly that afternoon and evening to set everything up beautifully and kept everything running smoothly all night. We all made this successful event happen! Thank you!!

Stay tuned for the Extra Recess Raffle; it will take place Wednesday morning! Also stay tuned for an online auction with the remaining auction items!

Here is Ms. Greenberg introducing surprise special guest, Award-Winning Chef Michael Solomonov, to auction off a multiple course dinner for TWELVE at Zahav…to be cooked by him and…Marc Vetri! It went for over $5000!!!!!

Greenberg Salamonov

Thank you again to our Event Sponsors!!



McCall HSA was honored Friday night by the Philadelphia Home and School Council with the 2018 Outstanding Home and School Award for “consistently going above and beyond expectations; for their team’s outstanding work as parent leaders and in the area of parent advocacy and care; for their strategic visioning and collaborations while making significant contributions both financially and in parent engagement and unification.”

We are proud of our officers:
Laurel Landau, President, Sheri Feinberg, Vice-President, Laura Sepe, Treasurer, and Stephanie Grenier-Griffin, Secretary, as well as our Board Members at Large:
Lisa Hardy, Tim Miller, Marci Seder, Lauren Summers, and Markus Weidner.

Congrats McCall!

PHSC Award-2

PHSC Award-1

This week’s highlights

The most important news and events for the week of May 14, 2018: