Communication Plan

Dear McCall Family,

As we reflect on our 1st year in our roles and prepare for our 2nd year, we have found opportunities to improve how we communicate and engage with all of you. Our goal is to have a communication plan that includes channels that are accessible by and convenient for our diverse families in order to maximize engagement with the school and its efforts. Effective with the first day of the 2019-2020 school year, the HSA will have the following communication plan:

Home and School Association Monthly Meeting – We will be holding the meeting on one Saturday morning per month via Facebook Live. This allows parents and guardians to participate from home and for a recording to exist for viewing at convenient times. In the previous school year we tried a variety of meeting times and locations and received feedback that meetings were not convenient. We hope this approach will be more convenient for all.

McCall Google Calendar – As event dates and times are confirmed, they will be put onto the McCallSchoolCalendar google calendar. To connect it to your personal google calendar follow these steps: go into your personal google calendar and on the left side menu find ‘Other calendars; Click ‘+’; Choose ‘Subscribe to Calendar’; Under ‘Add Calendar’ type mccallschoolcalendar and press enter.

McCall Social Media – The McCall HSA manages Friends of McCall on Facebook (remember to answer the 3 questions to join) and @McCallElementary on Instagram.

As much as possible, we post frequently about news and events relevant to our school community. In compliance with School District guidance, neither of these sites are accepting advertisements.

School District of Philadelphia Social Media – For urgent messages on school closures and news along with notices about upcoming School District events, everyone is encouraged to follow the School District of Philadelphia on social media. They can be found at School District of Philadelphia on Facebook, @PHLschools on Twitter, and Philly_schools on Instagram.

Monthly Email Newsletter – There will be a free monthly email that includes news, events, and upcoming important dates sent to all email addresses in the McCall HSA database. In order to subscribe to the email, please include an email address on the Home and School Association Membership Form everyone should receive in the beginning of the school year.


Your McCall Home and School Association Executive Board

Cari Akula, Peggy Banaszek, Fran Sandrow






家庭联谊会校友会每月例会,我们会每月在一个周六的上午通过Facebook Live举行会议。这允许父母






麦考尔社交媒体——McCall HSA管理朋友Facebook上的McCall(记得回答3个问题)和Instagram上的




励每个人在社交媒体上关注费城教育局。你可以通过以下几种方式关注Facebook @PHLschool


每个月电子邮件通讯-将有一个免费的每月邮件。包括McCall HSA新闻、事件和即将到来的重要日期的




Cari Akula

Peggy Banaszek

Fran Francine Sandrow

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