McCall HSA Fundraising Update

                                                                                                       September 2019

Dear McCall Family,

We start each new school year with enthusiasm, nerves, and high hopes and our children build on top of the skills they worked hard to build the year before. Each year our school is a reflection, not of a single moment, but of the many moments leading up to now. Through your support of the McCall Home and School Association (HSA) last year, we are building toward a better McCall for the sake of all of our students. Our sincere and enthusiastic thank you to the hundreds of donors and volunteers who made last year’s activities so successful.

In the 2018-2019 school year we raised $155,000! Some of these funds came from ticket and t-shirt sales at school-based events such as the Halloween Party, Scholastic Book Sale, Art to Remember, BoxTops, Election Day Bake Sales, and the McCall Relays. Of that total $83,000 was raised at the 2019 McCall Gala which netted $48,000. Over the course of the year, we had more than 200 donors as well as successful grant applications to our neighbors at the Society Hill Civic Association and the Washington West Trust.

Some of the funds raised were spent last year, while a significant portion was held to fund activities and needs in this upcoming school year. In the 2018-2019 school year, your donations to the HSA funded academic needs such as:

● Study Island software licenses used by students in grades 3-8 to reinforce academic skills;

● 10 iPads for an ESOL technology integration pilot;

● A new refrigerator for the school nurse’s office and a new refrigerator for facilities staff; and

  ● Teacher and staff appreciation meals and monthly school community events like the Spring Carnival.

All financial reports can be found online at:

Approximately $50,000 of the raised funds are to continue our annual contract with EducationWorks, which provides a full-time staff member at McCall to work with all students on structured play and recess as well as a restorative justice program in the middle school. Our new resource is in the process of coming on board and we look forward to announcing them soon.

We have a vision of providing our students with the tools to fuel their curiosity and prepare them for their future learning. Last year we had a goal to raise funds to build a Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Lab at McCall. Through your generosity, the HSA has funded a seed account to start the planning and design for this important project. We are actively working with the School District through their Capital process so that the total cost and timeline can be determined.

Finally, it is important that we continue to build the strength of our school, its academics, its support system, and our students. The HSA anticipates that we will need to raise at least $60,000 in the 2019-2020 school year in order to respond to the requests from students, teachers, families, and staff for the tools and resources to help all McCall students to achieve this year and in the future. Please support the McCall HSA (a 501(c)(3)) by donating via PayPal Giving Fund at


Your McCall Home and School Association Executive Board

Cari Akula, Peggy Banaszek, Fran Sandrow


我们满怀热情、紧张 . 满怀希望地开始每一个新学年,我们的孩子们在他们前一年努力学习培养技能的基础上 不断进步。每一年,我们的学校都不是一个时刻深思,而是经常的深思。通过您去年对麦考尔家庭和学校协会 (HSA)的支持,为了我们所有学生的利益,我们正在建设一个更好的麦考尔。我们真诚而热情地感谢数以百计 的捐助者和志愿者,有他们使去年整个学年的活动才能如此成功。

在 2018-2019 学年,我们筹集了 15.5 万美元!其中一些资金来自学校举办的活动的门票和 t 恤销售,如万圣节 派对、书籍销售、纪念艺术、boxtops、选举日烘焙食品销售和麦考尔接力赛。其中 8.3 万美元是在 2019 年麦 考尔晚会上筹集的,净赚 4.8 万美元。在过去的一年里,我们有超过 200 名捐赠人,以及成功地向我们在社会 山公民协会和华盛顿西部信托基金的邻居们提出了赠款申请。

所筹集的部分资金已于去年用完,其中相当大的一部分已用于资助下一学年的活动和需要。在 2018-2019 学 年,您对 HSA 捐款资助了以下学业需求包括:

●学习 3-8 年级学生使用的 Island 软件许可证,以加强学习技能;

●10 台 ipad,用于 ESOL 技术集成试点;


●教师及教职员感恩聚餐及学校每月举办的社区活动,如春季嘉年华。 所有财务报告可以在 网站上找到。

其中大约 5 万美元将用于继续我们与 EducationWorks 的年度合同,该公司为 McCall 提供一名全职员工,与所 有学生一起进行有组织的游戏和休息,并在中学开展恢复性司法项目。我们的新资源正在筹备中,我们期待着 很快宣布这些资源。

我们的愿景是为学生提供工具,激发他们的好奇心,为他们未来的学习做好准备。去年,我们的目标是筹集资 金,在麦考尔建立一个科学技术工程数学(STEM)实验室。通过您的慷慨解囊,HSA 已经资助了一个种子账户 来启动这个重要项目的规划和设计。我们正积极与学区合作,通过他们的资金流程,以便确定总成本和时间 表。 最后,重要的是我们要继续建设我们的学校,它的学术力量,它的支持系统,我们的学生。HSA 预计,在 2019-2020 学年,我们将需要筹集至少 6 万美元,以响应学生、教师、家庭和工作人员对工具和资源的要求, 帮助麦考尔所有学生在今年和未来实现这一目标。请通过 PayPal 捐赠基金 支持 McCall HSA (a501 (c)(3))。

真诚地, 麦考尔家庭和学校协会执行委员会

Cari Akula

Peggy Banaszek

Fran Sandrow

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