Important Announcement from HSA Officers

Dear McCall Community,

It is with sincere regret that the Current HSA board will be stepping down.  Almost a year and a half ago we were asked to help the HSA navigate a difficult transition with vacancies in the newly elected board.  Over the past year it has been our pleasure to continue the successes of the HSA, but we feel it is time to turn it over to a fully elected board.  

Please know that though we will no longer be formally involved in the HSA as officials, we will continue to support the good works of the HSA and our community.

Nominations and elections for the new board will be held over the coming month, we encourage everyone’s involvement in the election, and we look forward to transitioning to the newly elected officials. We will remain in our roles until the special election and work with the newly elected Officers on the transition.


Cari Akula, Peggy Banaszek, Fran Sandrow


现HSA董事会即将离任,我们深表遗憾。差不多一年半以前,我们被要求帮助HSA在新当选的董事会中出现空缺,进行艰难的过渡. 我们很高兴继续HSA的成功,但我们认为是时候把它交给一个完全选举产生的董事会了。




Cari Akula, Peggy Banaszek, Fran Sandrow

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