2019 Lindback Award: Ms. Merlini

From Philadelphia Inquirer, “Who are Philly’s best teachers? Here are 60 who shine”:

Meg Merlini, McCall Elementary: Merlini, a fourth-grade teacher, believes her job is in service to each child’s emotional, social and intellectual growth; she honors each child’s individuality and listens to his or her voice. She is passionate about social justice, guiding a diverse group of children in exploring the world around them and facilitating a yearlong inquiry into a social issue of their choosing. She has served as a member of the building committee, mentored student teachers, coached a running club, and has taught an after-school yoga program.

Congratulations, Ms. Merlini!


Meg Merlini,McCall小学:Merlini,一名四年级老师,相信她的工作是为每个孩子的情感,社交和智力发展服务;她尊重每个孩子的个性,倾听他或她的声音。她热衷于社会公正,指导不同群体的孩子探索周围的世界,并促进对他们选择的社会问题进行为期一年的调查。她曾担任建筑委员会成员,辅导学生教师,执教跑步俱乐部,并教授课后瑜伽课程。