2019 McCall Relays

The 2019 McCall Relays took place at Starr Garden Recreation Center on Saturday, May 4. Congratulations to McCall Relays Chair Justin William Harris and to the McCall school community on a fun afternoon of friendly (and super silly) competition! Check out these incredible photos, taken by McCall parent Pat Bost. Thank you to our volunteers Brian Schwartz (pictured below with Justin), Abe Summers, Mizuki Harris, Peggy Banaszek, Cari and Sam Akula, Nancy Lin, Bill Wittkamp, Jackie and Dave Raible, and QingPing Wang!

Justin Harris and Brian

2019年McCall继电器于5月4日星期六在Starr Garden娱乐中心举行。祝贺McCall Relays主席Justin William Harris和McCall学校社区在一个有趣的下午友好(和超级愚蠢)比赛! 看看这些令人难以置信的照片,由McCall的父母Pat Bost拍摄。 感谢我们的志愿者Abe Summers,Mizuki Harris,Peggy Banaszek,Cari和Sam Akula,Nancy Lin,Bill Wittkamp,Jackie和Dave Raible,以及QingPing Wang!