2019 Spring Carnival 2019年春季嘉年华

Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2019 Spring Carnival, hosted by McCall Student Council and McCall Home and School Association!

Admissions to the Spring Carnival was free for the McCall school community.

Thank you to Bouncy’s On Wheels for donating popcorn (free to all attendees), a photo booth, inflatable games, and a game truck!

Thank you to our Fairy donors for donating over 100 game tickets to students in need!

Thank you to Ms. Kaitlyn McCann, to Student Council, and to volunteers Mizuki Harris, Nancy Lin, Mr. Gao, Stanley and Miranda Gao, Vivian Ma, Jessica Mosur Joseph, Cari Akula, Chloe Harris, Francine Sandrow, and Lindsay Williams!

Thank you to MILK + SUGAR, owned by a McCall alum, and Dump-N-Roll for the delicious food and treats.

Special thanks to Ms. Greenberg and students who picked up litter afterward, with our United By Blue kits!

Game ticket sales proceeds will be split between Student Council and McCall HSA. Thank you for supporting our school!


感谢所有参加由麦考尔学生会和麦考尔家庭和学校协会主办的2019年春季嘉年华的人们! 我们感谢Kaitlyn McCann女士支持我们的联合学校筹款活动!


感谢Bouncy’s On Wheels捐赠爆米花(免费给所有与会者),照相亭,充气游戏和游戏卡车!


感谢McCall + SUGAR(由McCall明矾拥有)和Dump-N-Roll提供美味的食物和零食。

特别感谢格林伯格女士和那些随后带着我们的United By Blue套装拾起垃圾的学生们!

感谢Kaitlyn McCann女士,学生会,志愿者Mizuki Harris,Nancy Lin,高先生,Stanley和Miranda Gao,Vivian Ma,Jessica Mosur Joseph,Cari Akula,Chloe Harris,Francine Sandrow和Lindsay Williams!

游戏门票销售收入将在学生会和McCall HSA之间分配。 感谢您支持我们的学校!