McCall Blue & Gold Day 2019

McCall’s 2019 Blue & Gold Day is Friday, May 24, weather-permitting.

On Blue and Gold Day, students, faculty, and staff engage in fun games of friendly competition in the 7th Street schoolyard. In the 6th Street Courtyard, we will have health and wellness activities, organized by Nurse Benjamin, Ms. Walls-Asto, and parent volunteer Olena Zinshtein.

Dressing in your assigned team color is encouraged. McCall HSA will have a limited number of $5 Youth and Adult Blue and Gold Day tees to sell on Wednesday and Thursday morning at school. (Cash payments only.) These spirit tees can be worn as school uniforms. Thank you to families for donating tees to students, faculty, and staff!

Please volunteer to help make this event a success! We need help with: (a) driving watermelons from Iovine Brothers/Reading Terminal Market to McCall; (b) slicing and serving watermelon at school; (c) selling Blue & Gold Day tees.

Parents: Please send your children to school in sneakers and with a reusable water bottle.
Teachers: Please have the children bring their water bottles outside!


Big Yard
(Blue & Gold Activities)

6th St Courtyard            (Health Fair)

K-1 10:00-11:00 AM 11:15-11:45 AM
2nd-3rd 12:30-1:30 PM 11:55-12:25 PM
4th-5th 11:15- 12:15 PM 1:15-1:45 PM
6th- 7th 9:00-10:00 AM 12:35-12:55 PM
8th Tug of War 2 PM
Middle School Student/Teacher Volleyball Tournament 2:10- 2:40 PM (students dismiss from homeroom)

McCall的2019年Blue&Gold Day是5月24日星期五,天气允许的话。

在蓝色和黄金日,学生,教师和员工在第七街校园里参加友好竞赛的有趣游戏。在第六街庭院,我们将举办健康和保健活动,由本杰明护士,沃尔斯阿斯托女士和家长志愿者Olena Zinshtein组织。

鼓励穿着您指定的团队颜色。 McCall HSA将在蓝色和黄金日销售有限数量的青少年和成人蓝色和黄金日T恤。 (仅限现金支付。)这些精神T恤每个5美元,可以在一年中的其余时间作为校服穿着。感谢家属向学生,教职员工捐赠T恤!

请志愿者帮助这次活动取得圆满成功!我们需要帮助:(a)从Iovine Brothers / Reading Terminal Market到McCall驾驶西瓜; (b)在学校切片并供应西瓜; (c)销售Blue&Gold Day T恤。