McCall Reading Olympics 麦考尔阅读奥运会

The Philadelphia READS Reading Olympics is the City’s largest annual reading competition, engaging up to 2000 students from 4th-8th grade classes from Philadelphia’s public, parochial, charter, independent and after school programs.  In May the teams come together at universities around the city for a fun, friendly competition!

​Congratulations to Ms. Phillips, McCall 4th Grade Team, McCall 5th Grade Team, and Middle School team members for earning 1st place! Photos taken by Nancy Lin.  

费城READS阅读奥运会是该市最大的年度阅读比赛,来自费城公共,教区,宪章,独立和课后计划的4至8年级的2000名学生。 五月份,团队聚集在城市各大学,进行有趣,友好的比赛!

恭喜Phillips女士,McCall四年级团队,McCall五年级团队和中学团队成员获得第一名! Nancy Lin拍摄的照片

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