2017 Formation Photo

The 2017 Formation Photo will take place on Thursday, October 20th (earlier in the school year than usual so that it can be included in the yearbook!). Please arrive promptly! Parents, please remember to stay out of the sight lines of the photo!

  • Every student should remain in the schoolyard after the bell. It is important that they be on time or they will miss being in the photo.
  • Children should wear their backpacks/jackets (should not be placed up against the school wall).
  • Each class will fill in its portion of the number layout by being forward facing (toward the wall) and need to move forward to be as close together as possible so there are no gaps in the photo.
  • The “2017” will be sketched out in chalk.  EVERYONE needs to be on or inside the chalk lines. This includes faculty and latecomers who fill in toward the back near the playground.