Attention Bakers!

Dear McCall Parent Bakers,

Thank you again for volunteering to bake goodies for the McCall Election Day Bake Sale! Jess and I are ecstatic over the number of volunteer bakers 🙂

As you know, we’re raising money for the HSA’s general fund, which goes toward such critical priorities as Playworks and technology upgrades. Since a few new parent bakers have joined the group, I am re-sending a few notes. Please see below:

**Please drop off your baked goods at the McCall school office on MONDAY, November 7 between 8:30 and 3pm. There will be bins set up. You can also drop off during Movie Night on Monday.

**Please package treats individually—either in bags or by wrapping them in saran wrap. If the items are very small, you may want to group two together. We have a suggested donation of $3 per item/bag (2 items for $5).

**Please provide a note describing your treats and their ingredients (bonus if you can provide two copies so we have one for each location).

**Please write your name somewhere on the box/bag of treats, just so we know who dropped them off.

**Please also label if your treats are gluten free, vegan, or food-allergy friendly. 

THANK YOU again. Please email us if you have questions.


Priscilla and Jessica