Schoolyard Plans

Bambi Yost was back in town this week for the next step of our exciting Schoolyard Project!

Below are 2 presentation boards which were posted outside the gym this week in an effort to gather input/feedback from community members.

Board 1
Board 2

Please leave comments and feedback below on the attached forms on the wall in the envelope by the boards or email Bambi Yost ( McCall Master Plan Feedback in the subject line). We want to have everyone’s input as soon as possible so that we can move forward with design documents.

She will be back in town with the next version of these master plans during the week of conferences: Monday, November 21st to Wednesday, November 23rd

Final master plans will be available early this spring after a final review by our Principal, The Big Sandbox, and University professors, Bambi Yost (ISU) and Lois Brink (UCD). These master plans are “living” documents and are intended to be used as a basis for fundraising and construction.

These master plans support and build upon McCall‘s existing Community Design Collaborative (CDC) Master Plan from 2012-2013. Revised master plans were created by Iowa State University landscape architecture students and Assistant Professor Bambi Yost in collaboration with The Big Sandbox and the University of Colorado Denver Landscape Architecture Professor, Lois Brink. We are also collaborating with the New Hampshire Stormwater Center, the Philadelphia Water Department, and the School District of Philadelphia.

This fall master plans are underway at 4 South Philadelphia Schools: G W Childs, Stephen Girard, Eliza B Kirkbride, and General George A McCall.