DonorsChoose Projects!

We currently have several McCall teachers who have classroom projects they are trying to get funded through DonorsChoose:

  • Mr. Petuskey, our science prep teacher, has a new project which is being matched dollar-for-dollar! The project is to purchase tri-fold easels for a science fair experience for third and fourth graders. To help Mr. Petuskey’s project, click here.
  • Ms. Greenberg has an “Upgrade My Classroom Library” Bookshelf project. Her project has been fully funded! To view it, click here.
  • Ms. Asto has one called “Let’s Go Camping at the Outdoor School” to help with the 6th Grade camping trip. Her trip has been fully funded! To view her project, click here.
  • Mr. Duenas has one called “Climbing Higher Than Ever Before” to create a climbing wall. To fund his project, click here.

Stay tuned for more McCall DonorsChoose projects!