Road closures – Thursday, January 26th

For tomorrow (Thursday, January 26th), please note that there will be road closures in our catchment because of the Republican Congressional Caucus and Presidential Visit. Protests and demonstrations are also expected in the area.

Road Closures begin at 8AM and go through at least 6PM:

  • 13th Street from Chestnut Street to Market Street
  • Market Street from 11th Street to Juniper Street
  • 12th Street from Chestnut to Arch Street

Pedestrian Restrictions include a secure perimeter that will limit pedestrian access to the following streets starting at 6AM:

  • 1100 and 1200 block of Market – both north and south sides
  • 12th Street from Chestnut to Filbert Streets – both east and west sides
  • 13th Street from Chestnut to Market Streets – both east and west sides

Visit the city’s site for more information.