Drama Club News 戏剧俱乐部新闻

McCall Elementary School is pleased to provide an after-school Drama Club this year. We are delighted to announce that “Annie, Jr.” has been selected as our school musical. The performance dates are May 15 and May 16, 2019 at 7 PM.

Who is eligible to participate in Drama Club: Grades 3-8

Congratulations to the students who have been cast for Annie, Jr.! CLICK HERE for a list.

Rehearsals begin: Wednesday, 2/6, 2019

Rehearsal frequency:  Twice a week – Alternate Mondays and Tuesdays and all Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 PM.

Number of actors: 20-40

Director: John Rea

Liaison: McCall music teacher Julia Lee will be the MacGuffin/McCall liaison to handle problems and logistics. Julia will speak for McCall and be the only one to communicate with John Rea (outside of Principal Stephanie McKenna). This will streamline communication and allow MacGuffin to act quickly to the needs of the production.

Parent Committee: We will need to create a parent committee to handle costumes, props, make-up, front of house and concessions. This committee will also be responsible for building and painting the minimal set. The set will be designed by John Rea. The chair will report to John Rea.

McCall Home and School Association volunteers will help run concessions, and sell tickets and tee shirts to raise funds for our school.

Lighting: MacGuffin will need to adjust lighting and teach a McCall parent how to run the light board.

Make-up: We need a team of 10 parents to apply make-up for performances.

Advice: There should be a cast party on Monday, May 20, 2019 after school.

MacGuffin and Actor responsibilities:

  • MacGuffin will direct, choreograph and music direct the McCall Annie cast to the best of our ability given the time and resources we have.
  • MacGuffin will cast the show as fairly as possible conforming to the needs of the script.
  • MacGuffin will strive to bond the cast together and teach them about the acting process as is our mission.
  • It is MacGuffin’s goal to help McCall’s young actors step into the shoes of another and see the world through their eyes. The actors will have to conform their voices and bodies to inhabit the characters of the show.
  • Each actor will receive a script and music. All actors will have to memorize their lines, music, blocking and choreography in a timely manner. Their lines must be memorized by the end of February.
  • MacGuffin will make a poster featuring McCall actors for distribution.
  • MacGuffin will communicate via email to students and parents. The actors will make John Rea aware of any schedule conflicts at the audition. Actors will honor their commitment to attend rehearsals and performances.

On Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 from 3:30-5 PM, McCall music teacher Ms. Julia Lee and MacGuffin Theatre Artistic Director Mr. John Rea hosted an “Annie, Jr.” audition preparation workshop, where students sang their piece of the score and learned a dance from the show for the dance audition. Students who could not attend the December 5 workshop can request a copy of their piece of the score for the audition from McCall music teacher Ms. Lee jmaxham@philasd.org.

In the meantime, here are the audition songs:

Annie, Orphans, President Roosevelt, and all supporting characters: Tomorrow (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)
Miss Hannigan – Little Girls (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)
Daddy Warbucks, Grace, Star-to-be – NYC (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)
Rooster and Lily St. Regis – Easy Street (CLICK HERE for video and lyrics)

CLICK HERE for the school’s original letter about audition and other information about “Annie, Jr.”.


谁有资格参加戏剧俱乐部:3 – 8年级



排练频率:每周两次 – 周一和周二交替,周三下午3:30-5:30。


导演:John Rea

联络:McCall音乐老师Julia Lee将成为MacGuffin / McCall联络人处理问题和后勤工作。 Julia将代表McCall发言,并且是唯一一位与John Rea(校长Stephanie McKenna之外)交流的人。这将简化沟通并使MacGuffin能够快速满足生产需求。

家长委员会:我们需要建立一个家长委员会来处理服装,道具,化妆,房屋和特许权。该委员会还将负责建造和绘制最小集。该套装将由John Rea设计。主席将向John Rea报告。






考虑到我们拥有的时间和资源,MacGuffin将直接指导,编舞和音乐指导McCall Annie尽最大努力。
MacGuffin将通过电子邮件与学生和家长沟通。演员将使John Rea知道试镜中的任何日程冲突。演员们将履行他们参加排练和表演的承诺。

在2018年12月5日星期三下午3:30-5:00,McCall音乐老师Julia Lee女士和MacGuffin剧院艺术总监John Rea先生主持了一场“Annie, Jr.”试镜准备工作坊,学生们在那里演唱了他们的乐谱并学到了舞蹈试镜的舞蹈。无法参加12月5日研讨会的学生可以向McCall音乐老师Lee jmaxham@philasd.org索取试镜成绩。

Hannigan小姐 – 小女孩(点击这里观看视频和歌词)
Daddy 观看Warbucks,Grace,Star-to-be  –  NYC(点击这里观看视频和歌词)
公鸡和LIly St. Regis  –  Easy Street(点击这里观看视频和歌词)