Merry Monday Breakfast

Merry Monday

On Monday, December 17th, McCall HSA will host our annual Merry Monday breakfast in the Cybrary (library) to honor our brilliant McCall staff! Thank you so much to Jessica Mosur for once again chairing this wonderful appreciation event! If you would like to volunteer or help plan this event, please reach out to Jessica at A sign-up link will be sent out shortly.

The McCall HSA is looking for volunteers in each grade and classroom to help us get the word out to families about volunteer opportunities such as Merry Monday. If you are interested in volunteering in that capacity, please reach out to Anna ( or Peggy  Thank you, McCall!

12月17日星期一,McCall HSA将在Cybrary(图书馆)举办一年一度的Merry Merry早餐,以纪念我们杰出的McCall员工!非常感谢Jessica Mosur再次主持这次精彩的欣赏活动!如果您想自愿或帮助计划此活动,请通过jessicamosur@yahoo.com与Jessica联系。注册链接很快就会发送出去。

McCall HSA正在寻找每个年级和课堂上的志愿者,以帮助我们向家人宣传有关诸如Merry Monday等志愿者机会的信息。如果您有兴趣以此身份参加志愿者活动,请联系Anna(或Peggy。谢谢你,麦考尔!