Beautycounter Fundraiser 筹款活动

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holiday setsBeautycounter’s holiday sets are now live! Through the month of October, Paige Wolf will donate 10% of  Beautycountersales to the McCall HSA. Order through and drop Paige a note to let her know it’s for the McCall fundraiser. If you have never tried Beautycounter products, please stop by the McCall HSA general membership meeting on Thursday, 10/18. Paige will have samples for people to test.


早上好! Beautycounter的假日套装现已上线!到10月份,Paige Wolf将向McCall HSA捐赠10%的Beautycounter销售额。订购,并给Paige一张便条,让她知道这是McCall筹款活动!如果您从未尝试过Beautycounter产品,请在10月18日星期四的McCall HSA会员会议上停止。 Paige将提供样品供人们测试。