Show Your McCall School Spirit!

Dear McCall Family,

We have exciting news! McCall Spirit Committee Chair Mizuki Harris, McCall Relays Chair Justin William Harris, and graphic designer extraordinaire Brian Schwartz are pleased to share a new line of McCall logo tees! For tickets and tees to upcoming school events, read on…

Saturday, May 4 from 3-5 PM – Register for the 2019 McCall Relays and reserve your limited edition performance tee, designed by McCall Relays Chair Justin Harris and Brian Schwartz! Special thanks to past Chair Sheri Feinberg for sharing her knowledge and passing the torch to Justin! This year’s Relays will be held at Starr Garden Recreation Center (6th and Lombard). If you can help with the event, please let Justin know at or sign up hereDownload the paper Relays registration and t-shirt order form.

  • Attend the Gala. Each ticket includes an all-you-can-eat grazing dinner, open bar, music, dancing, silent auction, live auction, and raffles. Faculty and staff tickets are $50. Early bird tickets are $95 for a limited time only.
  • Bid from home! Can’t make it? Our new fundraising software enables supporters to bid from anywhere, using their cellphone, tablet, or computer. It takes a couple of minutes to register on our Gala website for a bidding account!
  • Make a donation to support our school. To date, McCall HSA has purchased educational software licenses for Study Island, funded a faculty and staff welcome back luncheon, helped write a grant for 10 new iPads to support Ms. Smith’s pilot for ESOL students, purchased a new refrigerator for our building and facilities staff, and most recently funded schoolwide incentives for upcoming PSSAs.
  • Donate a silent auction item or help contact local businesses to ask forsilent auction donations! Our fabulous Auction Co-Chairs Jess Mosur Joseph ( and Priscilla Lo ( would love to hear from you!

Important dates

  • Monday, April 22 – School closed.
  • Wednesday, April 24 at 5:30-8:30 PM – McCall Sip & Shop, organized by Jessica Mosur Joseph. Visit Workshop Underground (1544 South Street) and enjoy complimentary bubbly and hors d’oeuvres. Shop jewelry, accessories, and unique gifts. Workshop Underground’s Ruben Luna will generously donate 25% of proceeds to McCall!
  • Friday, May 17 from 12-3 PM – Join us for the rescheduled Spring Carnival, hosted by Student Council and McCall HSA. Bouncy’s on Wheels, owned by McCall parent Sean, will generously donate cotton candy, fresh-popped popcorn, and a game truck! Admission is free to all families, faculty, and staff. Proceeds from carnival games tickets will support our school. McCall alum Milk + Sugar will serve up desserts while DumpNRoll serves up savory treats.
  • The McCall Spring Concert will be held onWednesday, May 22: Spring Concert
    9:00  AM Grades 3-5 audience
    10:00 AM Grades K-2 audience
    1:45 PM Grades 6-8 audience
  • Thank you to Marta Rodriguez, 100 Book Challenge Chair Colleen Cassidy for rotating crates of books to K-2 classrooms biweekly! Sign up to support this literacy initiative.

As always, THANK YOU for all the ways you make McCall a special community. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Anna Perng

P.S. Can you help our school with a critical need? CLICK HERE to read the requests we have received from faculty and staff. Do you want to know how much money we’ve raised to date?CLICK HERE to read our most recent financial update. The past McCall HSA funded EducationWorks, which provides structured recess for students K-5. EducationWorks has expanded activities to provide restorative justice programming for students. The HSA must raise $53,000 to fund EducationWorks alone. Every dollar goes a long way to provide the resources our principal, faculty, staff, and students need to succeed. Please CLICK HERE to make a tax-deductible donation to support our school.

5月4日星期六下午3点至5点 – 注册2019年McCall Relays,并保留由McCall Relays Chair Justin Harris和Brian Schwartz设计的限量版T恤!特别感谢前任主席Sheri Feinberg分享她的知识并将火炬传递给贾斯汀!今年的继电器将在斯塔尔花园娱乐中心(第6和伦巴第)举行。如果您能为这次活动提供帮助,请告知贾斯汀justin.william.harris.215@gmail.com在此处注册抱歉!错误的链接。这是Relays衬衫设计:

5月15日星期三和5月16日星期四 – 请支持McCall的Annie,Jr.的才华横溢的演员!购买由McCall学生和Brian Schwartz设计的门票和Annie,Jr。T恤。恭喜McCall演员Charlotte Feinberg,他赢得了演员对最佳设计的投票! MacGuffin剧院和音乐老师Julia Lee女士正在寻找可以帮助画画和化妆的志愿者。HSA将出售特许权和门票。你能伸出援助之手吗?立即注册志愿者

5月24日星期五 –  McCall Blue和Gold Day / STEAM Fest是一个充满乐趣的全校实地日。今年,McCall Spirit委员会主席Mizuki Harris和Brian Schwartz为成人和学生设计了新的蓝色和金色日T恤。无论您是蓝队还是黄金队,我们都是McCall Bears。请立即订购T恤!如果您希望以支票或现金支付,请使用此表格下订单

最后,这是McCall Gala门票的最后一次通话。在22天的时间里,我们已经售出超过165张门票给我们学校今年最大的筹款活动:5月10日星期五晚上7点在雷丁终端市场的McCall Gala。今年,我们非常高兴能有特邀嘉宾Jim Kenney和社区合作伙伴Michael Solomonov。如果您希望通过支票捐赠或购买门票,请打印此门票/捐赠表格,并将支票支付给“McCall家庭和学校协会”。请带到总部或邮寄到McCall HSA 325 S. 7th Street,Philadelphia,PA 19106,或将您的付款发送给您孩子的老师。包括您的客人姓名和电子邮件地址。


  •  参加晚会。每张门票包括无限量吃草晚餐,开放式酒吧,音乐,舞蹈,无声拍卖,现场拍卖和抽奖活动。教职员工门票50美元。早鸟票仅限时95美元。
  • :已经有你的晚会门票?购买葡萄酒拉票,让持票人可以在晚宴上从我们的葡萄酒拉餐桌上选择一瓶包装好的葡萄酒。我们将提供各种各样的葡萄酒,包括价值高达100美元的葡萄酒!数量有限!
  • 从家里出价!不能成功吗?我们的新筹款软件使支持者可以使用手机,平板电脑或计算机从任何地方出价。在我们的Gala网站上注册一个招标帐户需要几分钟!
  • 捐款来支持我们的学校。到目前为止,McCall HSA已经为Study Island购买了教育软件许可证,资助了一个教职员工欢迎回来午餐,帮助为10个新iPad提供补助金,以支持Smith女士为ESOL学生提供的试点,为我们的建筑和设施购买了一台新冰箱工作人员,以及最近资助的学校奖励即将到来的PSSA。
  • 捐赠无声拍卖项目或帮助联系当地企业,要求进行无声拍卖捐赠!我们精彩的拍卖联合主席Jess Mosur Joseph(和Priscilla Lo(很乐意听取您的意见!


  • 4月22日星期一 – 学校关闭。
  • 4月24日星期三下午5:30-8:30  –  McCall Sip&Shop,由Jessica Mosur Joseph组织。参观地下车间(南街1544号),享受免费的泡泡和开胃小菜。店铺饰品,配饰和独特礼品。 Workshop Underground的Ruben Luna将慷慨地将25%的收益捐赠给McCall!
  • 5月17日星期五下午12点至3点 – 加入我们参加由学生会和McCall HSA主办的重新安排的春季嘉年华。由McCall父母Sean拥有的Bouncy’s on Wheels将慷慨捐赠棉花糖,新鲜爆米花和游戏卡车!所有家庭,教职员工均可免费入场。嘉年华游戏门票的收益将支持我们的学校。 McCall alum Milk + Sugar将提供甜点,而DumpNRoll则提供美味的点心。
  • 新:麦考尔春季音乐会将于5月22日星期三举行:春季音乐会
    上午10:00 K-2级观众
    1:45 PM 6-8级观众
  • 5月24日星期五 – 蓝色和黄金日!
    感谢Marta Rodriguez,100本书挑战椅,以及志愿者Colleen Cassidy,Cagri Oktem,每周两次将书箱旋转到K-2教室!注册以支持这一扫盲计划



p.s. 你能帮我们学校满足需求吗?点击这里阅读我们从教职员工处收到的请求。你想知道我们迄今筹集了多少钱吗?点击这里阅读我们最新的财务更新。过去McCall HSA资助的EducationWorks,为学生K-5提供结构化休息。 EducationWorks扩展了为学生提供恢复性司法程序的活动。 HSA必须筹集53,000美元才能单独为EducationWorks提供资金。每一美元都有很长的路要走,以提供我们的校长,教职员工和学生成功所需的资源。请点击此处进行免税捐赠以支持我们的学校。

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