Coffee with the Principal / HSA Meeting Nov 18, 2015

8:40 AM: Library

Ms. Rock led the “Coffee with the Principal” and provided updates on school information.

Report card conferences will be held from December 2nd through 5th. A parent survey will be sent home during conferences.

Electrical upgrades will begin! The fire tower will reopen in about a year. The 7th Street side structural damage will be fixed. We will receive a new transformer on 7th Street. Multiple outlets will increase capacity so that no fuses are blown.

McCall is very full. For First Grade, Ms. Grubb will be pulling students out for literacy and math blocks to help with the oversized classrooms. We are not taking transfer students except for 7th and 8th grade students. For 5th Grade, Ms. McCaffrey has joined our faculty. She will pull students who need extra help.

Benchmark testing is currently happening. High schools do not look at these results. The exams are printed and the students input the answers into the computer. PSSA information can be viewed on the School District’s website. The school will be holding a Poinsetta Fundraiser. Rosetta Stone will be implemented shortly as a pilot program for Sixth Graders.

Home & School President Laurel Landau then welcomed everybody and introduced the HSA board members.

Treasurer Laura Sepe gave the Treasurer’s Report: we had $77,000 at the start of October. We received $18,000 in donations. We made over $1000 at the Aqua Welcome Back Dinner. Funds have been used to pay Playworks and buy novels for Middle School. We also purchased some IT equipment and office supplies. We have upcoming bills, including $32,000 for our recent playground resurfacing.

Laurel also reported that we are upgrading our sound system for the auditorium. Our Jewelry Party was successful, and the host donated half of her proceeds to McCall. Our Green Apple Day of Service was fantastic; we now have a fence around the garden area. Neighbors loved our improvements and we discussed having a sign posted to see if neighbors would like to donate to help keep the grounds beautiful. Vice President Sheri Feinberg reported that the Halloween Party was a success. We made $2200 on our Election Day Bake Sale and thanked everybody for their support. Our first ever Chef’s Table event had four host families and people enjoyed the food and company.

We reminded attendees about upcoming events: MoMo’s Treehouse will be donating 20% of proceeds to McCall on November 22nd. Picture Retakes are coming up, and we need parents to help out at the Winter Bazaar in December. The Sixers Game will be on December 11th and the first 20 kids to register may participate in the High Five Tunnel. We also briefly reminded attendees about our ongoing fundraisers (Shoparoo, etc.)

We will look into having a Chinese interpreter at future meetings and will make even more of an effort to reach out to the Chinese community with flyers and with a liaison.