Coffee with the Principal / HSA Meeting March 29, 2016

8:40 AM: Library

Ms. Rock led the “Coffee with the Principal” and provided updates on school information.

2016-2017 Budget

McCall’s Title I funding has increased from $80,000 (2015-2016 school year) to $153,000(2016-2017 school year). We will have a nurse, counselor, Mr. Tang, 5 noon-time aides, and Ms. Phillips as our LIMA. Ms. Rock will allocate $20,000 to pay teachers for running after school programs (currently they volunteer their time).

Central office will be centrally funding ELA and Math materials .It is not know at this time which materials will be chosen.

Extra Purchases for This Year

We were allocated an extra $42,000 from the school district this year. We were able to purchase 7 portable SMART boards. We also will purchase Math and Reading workbooks for next year.

We received a $60,000 Literacy Grant and teachers will attend training on June 27th and each K-3 class will receive $5000 in leveled readers.

Staff Updates

Ms. Feingold will be retiring at the end of this school year. Other staff retiring will announce by April 15th.

Next year we will have 95 students in Grade 1, 100 in Grade 2, and 90 in Grade 3. We will do an ESOL-intensive first and second grade split, with 19-20 children in that class. The remaining classes in first and second grade will have 26-27 students. We will have the same number of teachers next year as we do this year. We will open up another fifth grade class. We are short on space and we are still considering prep space. Room 319A will become a science prep and laboratory classroom.

PSSA Update

PSSAs start on April 11th. Breakfast will be in the classrooms. Tests start at 9AM.


Home & School President Laurel Landau then welcomed everybody.

She noted that the Kimmel Center is donating 100 tickets to us for “Paper Planet” to take place April 9th and 10th. Tickets may be sold for $15 and all proceeds go to HSA.

We discussed that our 4th Annual Casino Night & Silent Auction will take place on Saturday, June 4th at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott. Please solicit local businesses and vendors for donations and sponsorships.

McCall Relays will take place on April 16th from 9 to 11 AM at Starr Garden.

Playbill ads are due on April 6th. Art to Remember forms are due on April 4th.

We will hold our Election Day Bake Sale for the primaries on April 26th. McCall will also be hosting a PD that day so we will have many other potential buyers!