Coffee with the Principal / HSA Meeting Dec 21, 2015

8:40 AM: Library

Ms. Rock led the “Coffee with the Principal” and provided updates on school information.

Ms. Rock discussed the upcoming electrical upgrade and also that we have an Italian teacher who will be working with the 6th Graders in conjunction with Rosetta Stone.

Mr. Dorian Harris, Parent Coordinator of the School District’s Office of Family and Community Engagement, spoke about how well McCall is doing and that he would love to have a McCall parent at upcoming conferences.

Connie Chen spoke about reading standards and helping kids with PSSAs.


Home & School President Laurel Landau then welcomed everybody.

Laura Sepe gave a Treasurer’s Report.

We reviewed recent events including the Sixers Night. Our next events are Tango, Chinese New Year, and Skate Night.

McCall Relays will take place on April 16th from 9 to 11 AM at Starr Garden.