Coffee with the Principal / HSA Meeting Feb 8, 2016

8:40 AM: Library

Ms. Rock led the “Coffee with the Principal” and provided updates on school information 

Electrical Upgrades

There will be electrical upgrades in school starting in March or April this year. There will be a dumpster on the 7th street side used to throw out the old transformer and other electrical parts.


Several new grants have been awarded to the school: Art Grant from Fleisher for 7th grade photography; Middle School grant for 120 chrome books and software. Money will also be used for new calculators for 7th and 8th grade students; Literacy Grant for grades K-3, which includes $5000 for books and teacher training in June.


6th grade is piloting an Italian program with Rosetta Stone and Ms.Sabene (Italian Teacher).

School Progress Report

McCall is one of the few model schools in Philadelphia after Penn Alexander and Fact Charter Schools. We made the most progress in the city at 89%. There is room for improvement in certain areas through improvement in certain subjects and participation scales, etc.

Other News

On March 3rd we will have a PSSA information session for parents from 7-9 pm. The book fair will also be open that night for the parents. From the beginning of the year, the students from grade 3 and up have been preparing for the PSSAs. They are going through the requirements for reading, writing and math. The teachers are making sure that the students have ample practice so that the kids are confident and can succeed effectively in the upcoming PSSAs in school in March.

The 8th grade students got into SLA, GAMP, and Central High Schools.

For 2016-2017, there will be another 5th grade class opening up

From 4th grade, 10 students have been accepted to Masterman and 1 to GAMP. From 5th grade, 2 students have been accepted to Masterman.


Home & School President Laurel Landau then welcomed everybody.

On February 23rd, Waffles and Wedges will donate 15% of their daily sales to McCall. Water Fountains have been installed outside the gym and outside Room 108.

From the Tango event on January 27th, we made a profit of $440.

The Chinese New Year’s Party will take place after school on February 18th, to be coordinated by Jesse Gardner. The event will include traditional Chinese games, arts and crafts, and food. Suggestions were made to consider purchasing a lion and dragon dance costume for future years and involve the Middle School children in performing.

The Scholastic Book Fair will take place from February 29th through March 4th . There will also be teachers’ wish lists and online buying options. Parent volunteers will be needed. Coordinators are Marci Seder and Stephanie Grenier-Griffin.

Laura Sepe gave the Treasurer’s Report. After December and January, we have $64,000 ($11,000 restricted and $53,000 unrestricted). We received $9,000 in donations and a $5,000 grant from Washington Square West Trust to fund a SMART panel. We received $1000 from Box Tops, and we raised $3000 from the Winter Bazaar, 76ers and other fundraisers. In this period, we spent $6000 on Playworks, $1800 on water fountains, and $3300 on Rosetta Stone.

Other announcements:  The 4th Grade will take part in a Geography Bee in the second week of March. Kathy Phillips will help them with very intensive research especially during the 3 half days for parents-teacher conferences. Parents are asked to come and help the kids. The drama production this year, The Lion King, has over 65 costumes and a lot of help is needed to make them. Parents are asked to come in and help.