Carver Science Fair

Philadelphia Region Grades 7-12 Carver Science Fair Award Winners from McCall:

Sandy Li– Multitasking: Beneficial or Not? – Honorable Mention in Behavior and Social Science
Isabella Ortiz– How Racial Bias Changes with Age – Honorable Mention in Behavior and Social Science
Nina Gao – Power Jello – Honorable Mention in Biochemistry
Jayson Wang – Effects of Temperature on Reaction time – Honorable Mention in Chemistry
Yinglin Huang – Newsflash: Some Materials Can Block a WiFi Signal! – Honorable Mention in Computer Science
Sikai Zheng – Produce-ing Enegy – Honorable Mention in Environmental Science
Jason Liu – Tessellating Spidrons: The Art of Symmetry – Third Place in Mathematics
Stephen Piner – Ready…Aim…Fire! The Fungus Army – Pilobolus – Third Place in Microbiology
Tristan Travis – Silver Nanoparticles vs Germs – The Battle for survival – Second Place in Microbiology
Joe Ni – Static Electricity, High or Low? – Third Place in Physics