McCall Science Fair

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the McCall Science Fair!

Here are the projects arranged within the 13 categories with links to a folder with each of the boards.

Award winners per category were:

Behavior/Social Science –

Honorable Mention: Phoebe You – Memorization, Which Physical Activity Helps the Most?
Third Place: Yuxin Chen – Can You Trust Your Eye?
Second Place: Remy Milroy – Eyewitness Testimony. Trustworthy or Not?
First Place: Isabella Ortiz – Racial Bias – Young vs. Old
Honorable Mention: Tamiah Daprile– Leave Your Chemical Out of This!
Third Place: Fanny Zheng – Butter Formation
Second Place: Tiffany Mei – Which Particle Size Reacts the Fastest?
First Place: Nina Gao – Power Jello
Honorable Mention: Sherly Wang – The Effect of Caffeine on Plant Growth
Third Place: Brian Wang – Growth of a Potato
Second Place: Kiara Randall – Aquaponics Systems vs Using Soil
First Place: Ella Travis – Have a Blast with Nitrogen  and Your Plants
Honorable Mention: Andy Wang – Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to Build a Rocket
Third Place: Benny Liu – Acid and Base Indicators
Second Place: Xiangyi Li – Candy Chromatography
First Place: Jayson Wang – The Effect of Temperature on Reaction Time
Honorable Mention: Joseph Zammuto – Will it Hit
Third Place: Makel Finch – Sweating the Score
Second Place: Ishtar El – Do People Prefer Virtual Reality Headsets over 2D Pictures?
First Place: Yingling Huang – Newsflash: What Materials Can Block a WiFi Signal?
Honorable Mention: Noor Shabazz – The Moon, Phases, and Tides
Third Place: Ofry Sakal– X-ray Vision Seeing Into Space
Second Place: Tina Yang – Crystal Candy Mystery
First Place: Andre Charpentier – Does Altitude Affect Background Radiation?
Honorable Mention: Michelle Zeng – Does Spagetti Withhold Pennies
Third Place: Louis Dong – Building a MouseTrap Car to Show Kinetic Energy
Second Place: Kevin Lin – Capable Bridge
First Place: Sunny Liu – Eggs Easy to Crack – Think Again
Honorable Mention: Matthew Becker – Are Organic Cleaning Supplies as Effective as Chemical Cleaning Products?
Third Place: Ada Mac – Colored SODIS
Second Place: Sikai Zheng – Produce-ing Energy Veggie vs. Fruit Power
First Place: Emily Maiorano – How Does the pH level of Soil and Water Vary When Fertilizer is Added?
First Place: Jason Liu – Tiling with Spidrons
Honorable Mention: Cheyenne Massey – Is Exercising Affecting My Blood Sugars?
Third Place: Jessie Wang – How to Stop too Much Blood From Flowing
Second Place: Qing Wu – Peripheral Vision and Age Difference.
First Place: Joyce Chen – Can Your Body Temperature Tell the Time of Day? Find Out with Human Circadian Cycles.
Honorable Mention: Michael Mei – Experiment: Different Conditions to Ferment Under
Third Place: Tristan Travis – More than Jewelry,  Silver Nanoparticles vs E. coli
Second Place: Grace Ho – Yeast Metabolism with Various Starches
First Place: Stephen Piner – Ready Aim Fire, The Fungus Army Pilobolus
Honorable Mention: Kyle Leong – Sipping Sound Waves
Third Place: Sandy Zhu – Guitar Physics Temperature?
Second Place: Rianne Delo-Reyes – Racing Marbles to Discover a Liquid’s Viscosity
First Place: Joe Ni – Generated Electricity, High or Low?
Honorable Mention: Abigail Jameson– Which Toy Is Top Dog?
Third Place: Lily Kleschick – What’s Going on in that Cute Dog’s Mind?
Second Place: Audrey Wu – Which One is Better Fish, Chicken, Beef?
First Place: Joanna Huang – Dog Toys: Favorite or Flop ?
Consumer Science
Second Place: Khala Hardy– From Sauce to Solids
First Place: Aidan VanRoyen – Consumer Science Battle: Braille vs. ELIA