Annual Gala 年度学校筹款活动

0001Message from the Principal:

On May 10, 2019 from 7-10 PM, McCall Home and School Association will host the   school’s largest fundraiser of the year: the McCall Gala. Thank you to all the volunteers who have been working hard to organize this McCall tradition.

We are excited to recognize Michael Solomonov, McCall parent and our first Community Partner Awardee, for his leadership in advancing our school’s mission. When Michael learned of this award, he said, “I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and we’re lucky to have had the village that is the community of McCall to help raise my two boys.” 

The McCall village is truly what makes our school so special. This year’s Gala will be a celebration of community. It will take place at Reading Terminal Market (51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.) The HSA has purchased a mobile bidding software to enable those who can’t attend the Gala to bid on items. For a modest fee, Kids on 12th will host a special party, including after school pickup, for families attending the Gala.

If you cannot attend the Gala, I hope you will consider making a donation of any amount to help our school reach its $100,000 fundraising goal. Our school needs the funds raised by the HSA and through the Gala in order to provide EducationWorks next year, and to pay for renovations to provide a STEM Lab. Every dollar counts. To donate an item for the auction, to purchase a ticket, or to simply make a donation, please visit : Thank you for supporting our school!


Stephanie McKenna


麦考尔年度女性职业日取得了巨大成功!识字教师Leslie Greenberg女士和Joanna Bottaro女士每周与McCall学生组织者会面,参加Red Envelopes筹款活动,招募演讲者,组织和准备学生和教室,并在活动当天监督后勤工作。学校辅导员Jennifer Beebe Poulos女士与Federal Donuts,Starbucks和McCall HSA志愿者合作,为女性职业日早餐和午餐会组织捐款,为学校图书馆的40多名志愿者提供食物。图书管理员Kathy Phillips女士将图书馆设置为主持人和志愿者的“家庭基地”。艺术老师Erica Mandell女士在学生们的美丽欢迎横幅和可爱的感谢折纸笔记上工作。感谢所有让这一天让学生难忘的人。


在2019年5月10日下午7点至10点,麦考尔家庭和学校协会将举办学校年度最大的筹款活动:McCall Gala。感谢所有一直努力组织麦考尔传统的志愿者。我们很高兴认识到Michael Solomonov,McCall的父母以及我们的第一位社区合作伙伴Awardee,他们帮助我们的学校进一步完成了使命。当迈克尔得知这个奖项时,他说,“我真的相信需要一个村庄来抚养一个孩子,我们很幸运能够拥有麦考尔社区的村庄帮助养育我的两个男孩。”

麦考尔村真的是让我们学校如此特别的原因。今年的庆祝活动将是对社区的庆祝。它将在雷丁终端市场(51 N 12th St,Philadelphia,PA 19107)举行.HSA购买了一个移动投标软件,使那些无法参加晚会的人能够对项目进行投标。 12岁的儿童将收取适当的费用,为参加晚会的家庭举办特别派对,包括放学后。





The McCall Gala will take place at Reading Terminal Market on Friday, May 10, 2019. Our event includes all-you-can-eat grazing dinner with select Reading Terminal Market merchants, open bar with a selection of beer and wine at Molly Malloy’s, live music, a huge silent auction, and more.

This event is our school’s largest fundraiser of the year. In 2018, we raised over $57,000. This adult-only community event unites parents, teachers, and neighbors as we all celebrate and support McCall.

Visit to purchase tickets, donate an item for our auction, sponsor the event, or to make a donation to help us reach our $100,000 goal.

To make this event a success, we need help collecting silent auction items and securing event sponsors. Our Silent Auction includes a range of items including restaurant gift certificates, theme park admission, sporting event tickets, kids’ programs, and salon packages. Securing the donations is easier than you would think, and fun, too. Just keep the forms handy and whenever you frequent a neighborhood establishment in the coming weeks, ask them if they would please support your child’s Philadelphia public school’s upcoming silent auction. CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer.

When gathering your donations, please use direct donors to, or use these donation forms:

Thank you for your commitment to quality public education and to McCall!

Anna Perng, President, McCall HSA                        Principal Stephanie McKenna

Francine Sandrow and Kevin Hoekzema, 2019 McCall Gala Co-chairs

Host Committee:

 Cari Akula, Marla Axelrod, Peggy Banaszek, Jessica Beers, Alison Bozic, Bob Caplan, Jessica Downes, LaShayah Edgefield, Lisa Widowsky Hallowell, Chloe Harris, Grace Hopper, Harvey Hurdle, Jessica Mosur Joseph, Nancy Lin, Priscilla Lo, Jenny Meassick, David and Jackie Raible, Brian Schwartz, Lindsay Williams, and Paige Wolf.

McCall Gala将于2019年5月10日星期五在Reading Terminal Market举行。

McCall庆祝活动将于2019年5月10日星期五在雷丁车站市场举行。我们的活动包括与精选的阅读终端市场商人一起享用无限量的放牧晚餐,在Molly Malloy’s享用包含各种啤酒和葡萄酒的开放式酒吧,现场音乐,巨大的无声拍卖等等。





彭安娜,McCall家庭和学校协会主席      Stephanie McKenna, 校长

Francine Sandrow and Kevin Hoekzma

2019 McCall Gala Co-chairs

Host Committee:

 Cari Akula, Marla Axelrod, Peggy Banaszek, Jessica Beers, Alison Bozic, Bob Caplan, Jessica Downes, LaShayah Edgefield, Lisa Hallowell, Chloe Harris, Grace Hopper, Harvey Hurdle, Jessica Mosur Joseph, Nancy Lin, Priscilla Lo, Jenny Meassick, Marissa Nolan Post, David and Jackie Raible, Brian Schwartz, Lindsay Williams, and Paige Wolf.

Summer Camp Raffle!

In support of the 2019 McCall Gala, two local summer camps donated two pre-gala raffles. The raffles were drawn at the HSA meeting on February 7 by Sheri Feinberg and Laura Sepe. Congratulations to Lisa Hallowell, winner of the Liberty Lake Day Camp prize, and Priscilla Lo, winner of Tall Pines gift certificate.

Missed your chance at these fabulous prizes? Attend our May 10th Gala. Liberty Lake Day Camp raffle another free two weeks of camp (June 24 – July 5) for a first time family! This gift is valued at $1,395. Liberty Lake is doing a bus route for children in Philadelphia now: the camp is located in Bordentown, NJ. For more info, CLICK HERE. At the Gala, Tall Pines will offer a gift certificate toward a picnic!

UPDATE- Questions potential customers may have:

How are the camps with kids with food allergies or medication needs?

  • Liberty Lake has two RNs on site at all times, and a dedicated “Dietician Mom” who works between the health center, camp leaders and parents to ensure that all dietary needs and allergies are dealt with accordingly. Liberty Lake does not serve any food with any kind of nuts. PB&J sandwiches are Soynutbutter & Jelly sandwiches- so there’s no special table for peanut eaters- and the kids are great with it. There are dozens of gluten free, dairy free, and kosher kids. Most of them eat from the main menu, as well as the multitude of options, like the restaurant style salad bar, pasta bar, sandwiches, yogurts, etc. Video about lunch, snacks, allergies-

How does Liberty Lake Day Camp support kids who may have learning disabilities, like ADHD?

  • Liberty Lake has over 130 campers each summer that get added support through their acclaimed inclusion program. ADHD, ASD, you name it, LLDC works with all families. Families have an official “in-take” meeting with the inclusion team to learn about the camper’s needs and set up a summer success plan that ensures that their experience will be just as wonderful (if not more) than all the kids.

Are the campers diverse?

  • Great question, as most camps are not very diverse. Liberty Lake is proud to be the most diverse camp that director Andy Pritikin has ever seen, and as the past president of the American Camp Association, he has seen over 100. Liberty Lake services children from five NJ counties, Philly and Lower Bucks, and is an upper-middle class camp full of kids whose parents simply want what is best for their kids. That cuts across all cultures. LLDC also started a foundation that supports kids from less fortunate financial situations to enjoy the camp experience as well. $30,000 in “camperships” have been awarded each of the past 5 years. In addition, the Liberty Lake staff is a very diverse, multi-cultural group of talented individuals from all kinds of cultural backgrounds.

What are the camp staff like? Do they have any background in education?

  • The Liberty Lake staff is 1/3 teachers, 1/3 college students and 1/3 high school students (11th/12thgraders). Now in their 18th summer, half of the staff are also former campers looking to “pay it forward,” having gone through their nationally recognized 2-season Teen Leadership Program for entering 9th and 10th graders. So of course, the teachers are teachers (and most are parents themselves), many of the college students are in school to be teachers, psychologists, social workers, etc- but really, some of the best college students are non-education majors who have a tremendous zest and spirit for the camp experience!

If I have a shy kiddo, what will the camp do to help me child be a part of the camp community?

  • Another great question- Liberty Lake prides itself on how it assimilates new campers. Since campers attend anywhere between 2-10 weeks, EVERY MONDAY is the first day of camp for many kids, and every Friday the last. So the beginnings of every week are very intentional in how groups integrate in new campers, through added time in their schedule to play name-games, teambuilding, etc. Middle management “division leaders” call every new parent before the summer to get their advice on their children, and monitor how it goes- checking back with the parents as much as needed during the summer, like a camp concierge. If things get tough, Liberty Lake is the only camp around to have a full-time social worker on staff to support the counselors, division leaders and parents with their challenging situations.


为了支持2019年的McCall Gala,两个当地夏令营捐赠了两个节前抽奖活动。抽奖活动是在2月7日由Sheri Feinberg和Laura Sepe参加HSA会议时提出的。恭喜Liberty Lake Day Camp奖得主Lisa Hallowell和Tall Pines礼券获得者Priscilla Lo。

错过了这些精彩奖品的机会?参加我们的5月10日晚会。自由湖日营地为另一个免费的两周营地(6月24日 – 7月5日)抽出第一次家庭!这件礼物的价值为1,395美元。自由湖现在正在为费城的儿童做一条公共汽车路线:营地位于新泽西州的Bordentown。在晚会上,Tall Pines将提供野餐礼券!

Liberty Lake在任何时候都有两名RN,还有一位专门的“营养师妈妈”,他们在健康中心,营地领导和家长之间工作,以确保所有饮食需求和过敏都得到相应的处理。 Liberty Lake不提供任何坚果食物。 PB&J三明治是Soynutbutter&Jelly三明治 – 因此花生食用者没有特别的餐桌 – 孩子们很喜欢它。有几十种无麸质,无乳制品和犹太儿童。他们中的大多数都是从主菜单中选择,还有众多的选择,如餐厅风格的沙拉吧,意大利面条,三明治,酸奶等。有关午餐,小吃,过敏的视频 – /手表?ν= EYIu8Mi45JM


Liberty Lake每年夏天都有超过130名露营者,通过他们广受好评的包容计划获得额外支持。多动症,ASD,你说它,LLDC使用它。家庭与包容团队进行正式的“参与”会议,了解露营者的需求,并制定夏季成功计划,确保他们的体验与所有孩子一样精彩(如果不是更多)。


很好的问题,因为大多数难民营都不是很多样化。 Liberty Lake很自豪能成为导演Andy Pritikin所见过的最多样化的阵营,作为美国夏令营协会的前任主席,他已经看到了来自新泽西州五个郡,费城和下雄鹿的100多名Liberty Lake服务儿童。是一个充满孩子的中上阶层营地,他们的父母只想要最适合孩子的孩子。这涉及所有文化。 LLDC还启动了一个基金会,该网站支持来自不太幸运的财务状况的孩子,以便享受营地体验。在过去的5年中,每年都有30,000美元的“营地”。此外,Liberty Lake员工是一个多元化,多元文化的群体,拥有各种文化背景的人才。


自由湖的工作人员是1/3教师,1/3大学生和1/3高中生(11/12年级学生)。现在,在他们的第18个夏天,一半的工作人员也是前露营者,希望“付出代价”,他们已经通过了全国公认的两季青少年领导力计划,进入了9年级和10年级。当然,教师是教师(大多数是父母自己),许多大学生在学校当老师,心理学家,社会工作者等等 – 但实际上,一些最好的大学生是非教育专业的学生。为营地体验带来巨大的热情和精神!


另一个很好的问题 – 自由湖引以自豪的是它如何吸收新的露营者。由于露营者参加2到10周之间的任何地方,每个星期一是许多孩子的营地的第一天,每个星期五是最后一天。因此,每周的开始是非常有意识的群体如何融入新的露营者,通过增加他们的时间表来玩名称游戏,团队建设等。中层管理“部门领导”在夏天之前致电每个新的父母以获得他们的建议关于他们的孩子,并监控它的进展情况 – 在夏季期间尽可能多地与父母一起检查,就像营地礼宾服务员一样。如果事情变得艰难,自由湖是唯一一个拥有全职社会工作者的工作人员,以支持辅导员,部门领导和父母在他们充满挑战的情况下。


2019 McCall Gala & Silent Auction: Thank You

Thanks to everyone who supported the 2019 McCall Gala and Silent Auction, our school’s largest fundraiser of the year! Thank you to our inaugural Community Partner Award winner Michael Solomonov of Zahav, special guests Rep. Mary Isaacson, Councilmember Helen Gym, and Councilman Mark Squilla! Even Loco Lucho’s Latino Kitchen, owned by a Greenfield Parent, donated a live auction paella dinner for … Continue reading 2019 McCall Gala & Silent Auction: Thank You

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Meet our generous event sponsors!  认识我们慷慨的活动赞助商! Platinum Sponsors 白金赞助商 Barry Sandrow & The Sandrow-Hoekzema Family Gold Sponsors 金牌赞助商 Greater Philadelphia Asian American Lions Club Silver Sponsors 银牌赞助商       Anna Perng & Conor Mullan Anne Wittkamp Sylvia Sobol Martin H. Chan, PC Anonymous McCall Supporter   Bronze Sponsors 青铜赞助商 Jessica Cosmé and Aren Platt   Jay Gabriel and … Continue reading Sponsors 赞助商